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Cast Biographies

Oh Gabby,Gabby...Oh Gabby,Gabby...
This time,we got Renee O'Connor under the xena-scope!

Gabrielle in "Old Ares Had A Farm"

Renee O'Connor (Gabrielle)

Name-Renee O'Connor
Marital Status-Married,to Steve Muir (that lucky bastard!)
Children-pregnant,and due soon!
Nicknames-Gabby,Gab,"Irritating Blonde"

The Warrior Princess

Gabrielle:The Battling Bard of Potedia

Gabrielle started to follow Xena when she saw Xena save her village from Draco,a warlord.Ever since then,we've seen a lot of changes in Gabby,from just a story telling village girl to a true "Battling Bard".

Did you know...
That Renee keeps a Gabrielle Staff behind her door,"just in case"?