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The Messenger

Read the adventures of Eve:Messenger of Peace!!!

Welcome! "The Messenger" is by our very own Caina,and VERY awesome!Read the continued adventures of Eve,Gabrielle,Virgil, and all your other favorite characters!Remember we love feedback...go to the "Contact Us" page!

The Messenger

Moving On

Pilot episode of "The Messenger!".Rachel,Callisto's daughter, try's to bring Callisto back so she can disclose the one thing that could defeat heaven-The Location of Heaven's Gate.Gabrielle and Eve must put a stop to this.But will they succeed?

The Heart of the Matter

Eve must square off against Rome's new champion,Ledricles, in a fight to the death...or Virgil will be executed.

Family Tree

Virgil may be the son of Ares...or so his supposed "Brother",Phobus, says. How will he handle this news....and what consequences will befall him?

Blood Brother

Solon and Marcus must help Eve escape Tartuarus. But it's not going to be easy- Persephone, Draco, and all the minions of the Underworld stand in their way.

A Still, Small Voice

Cain, the son of Hope and Ares, returns to take Eve on. Will Eve be able to overcome this new threat while she still has qualms about carrying the sword again?

A Saving Grace

Najara has returned, and she's as crazy as ever. Her obsession with Gabrielle still drives her, and she's out for revenge. Najara was a match for Xena, but can she defeat The Messenger and the Battling Bard?