Entrance to the Xenaverse!
Alternate Professions

What would the people on Xena be if they were'nt what they are now?Here's our thoughts on the subject!


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Our first Xena character is the faboulous Queen of the Amazons,Ephiny!Yes,we all know Ephiny loves children,and likes to be around them.So if Ephiny were'nt a warrior...


She would be a clown!We're thinking she'd blow up balloons,do some acrobatics,maybe some jokes.....what do you think!Let us know!Go to the "Contact Me" page!

clown girl

Now what would Xena be if she wasnt a Warrior Princess.We think she would be....


a stripper!A bit harsh,I know.But think about it-Xena likes to dance,and is good at it.Plus,she has no problem with nudity whatsoever.So it's logical.What do you think?Go to the "Contact Me" page!

Xena the Warrior Stripper

Gabrielle loves to dance.Loves it!(even if she isnt very talented).So if Gabrielle were'nt the Battling Bard of Potedia....


an interprative dance instructor! With Gab's fab ab's, I would be in her class ANYTIME! (and I would volunteer to stay after school!)

Gabrielle:Interprative Dance Instucter

Now Callisto has a way of getting her uh...point...across. So if Callisto wasn't everyone's favorite revenge-crazed psycho goddess....


...she would be a saleswoman! She would be very successful, everyone would be scared NOT to buy her merchandise!


Coming soon on the "Alternate Professions" page....
Pwiestess Leah
Lao Ma
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