Disclaimer:  The characters Eve, Gabrielle, Xena Callisto, Eli, Michael and Lucifer (as they appeared on Xena Warrior Princess) belong to Studios USA.  I make no claims to own these characters.  The Characters Rachel and Micah are the creation of Caina Q.  Fuller for the screenplay ďMoving OnĒ.  This screenplay ďMoving OnĒ is a work of fiction and does not reflect the lives of any persons living or dead that I have met or been told of.  It is a work of my imagination. ďMoving OnĒ was written by and belongs to Caina Q.  Fuller.  The screenplay ďMoving OnĒ is not to be reproduced or sold without the written permission of Caina Q.  Fuller.  It is not to be produced as a television episode, series, mini-series or movie without the permission of its author:  Caina Q.  Fuller.


Moving On

A screenplay

Written By (Copyright):  Caina Q.  Fuller

(This story takes place approx.

Six months after the events in

A Friend In Need Part 2).



Fade In



Eve rides over the lush landscapes of Greece until she comes to Amphipolis and reaches the family mausoleum.  She rushes inside and locates the newest sarcophagus in the room.  It has the urn containing Xenaís ashes.  Itís clear whoís grave it is by the large X symbol on the head of the sarcophagus. Eve touches it, her face a mask of shock.  This is her first visit to her motherís grave.



Itís really true.  Youíre

gone before I had a chance to

really get to know you.  MotherÖ



Eve collapses over it, weeping for her lost mother.  We can feel the pain in hear heart for we loved Xena too, but now she is gone. 



Int-Luciferís throne room

Lucifer watches Eve on a viewing wall that allows him to witness the events on earth.  He watches Eve weep over her motherís loss and begins to laugh.




Oh MotherÖMore like Oh please.

Your mother ruined my life, but

you will make my existence sweet

again.  You just donít know it yet.


He waves a hand over the viewing wall and it changes to show the war going on between Heaven and Hell. He watches as a young woman, the spitting image of Callisto, fights with a guardian angel.




Theyíve grown so desperate

theyíre using those Guardian

Angelís in battle now.  Send his

soul to me Rachel! 


The demon woman looks around as if hearing his command and she runs the angel through with her sword.  She tries to force him to the edge of the cliff they are fighting on but he twists her around, pulls her sword out of his body then kicks her in the gut. She comes falling back into hell, landing before Lucifer.  The new king of hell watches Rachel with disappointment and disgust.



You allowed one of those

pathetic Guardianís to get the

best of you?  I expected more

from the daughter of Callisto.



Heíll whistle when he flies from

now on but I donít suppose

youíre going to give me credit

for any of that are you?



If youíre looking for someone to

coddle you Iím afraid youíve come

to the wrong place.



Lucifer, Iím really very busy so

If you donít mind, get to the point.

I donít have time to stand here and

chit-chat with you about non-sense-


He cuts her off by grabbing her by the throat and the demons lining the corner begin to cheer, hoping for a good fight to entertain them.  However Rachel is the princess of Hell and sheís not about to let the new king manhandle her. She forces his hand from her throat but he kicks her, sending her flying for the rear wall.  This time she stops her descent just before she makes contact and comes flying back with a Callisto-like scream on her lips.


Lucifer tries to hold her off by hitting her with a fireball but Rachel swats it away as if itís nothing and he barely has time to dodge out of the way before heís hit with his own fireball.  It hits his throne instead, exploding it into dust.  Rachel attacks with frightening ferocity and he can barely hold his own against her. Finally he succeeds in shoving her away.






(exaggerated southern drawl)

Aw but paw!  I was just

startin ta have a little fun!



I have a job for you Rachel. One

I know you will love doing.



(exaggerated reverence)

And what would that be

my lord?


Rachel begins giggling, almost hysterically, and we get the impression she may not be all there after all.  Powerful and a little unstable all mixed together makes for a serious threat.



Have you ever heard of

Heavenís gate Rachel?



Of course. Itís a portal that

opens all entrances to Heaven

simultaneously. Whoever holds

control of the Gate can force

the angels out leaving Paradise

ripe for the forces of hell to take.



Correct.  There is a soul vulnerable

to our attack who knows the

location of Heavenís Gate.


Rachel is momentarily interested enough to take the conversation seriously and she leans in for more.



No kidding. Who would that be?



Your mother was one of the

Most powerful souls ever

to grace the pits of hell.  As you

know she was re-incarnated

into the body of a woman named

Eve.  Find her and induce the



Rachel circles Lucifer, her excitement growing by the second.  She was excited at the possibility of winning the war against heaven, but her real motivation was seeing her mother again. She may be a demon, but sheíd loved Callisto.  Lucifer has an idea of this and hopes to use  it against her.



Then we can bring her back to

Hell, corrupt her and take the




And better still, youíll have your

precious mother back.  Wouldnít

you like that?




It makes no never mind to me

Lucy.  If Iím going to do this Iíll

need unlimited access to earth.



Of course you shall have it.


Rachel turns to the wall where Eve is sitting against the sarcophagus mourning her motherís loss. 



My precious Mommy indeed.



Close Up on Rachel

Fade Out

End of Teaser



Moving On-Act 1

Int-Palace In Heaven

Eli and Michael watch Eve suffer on a reflecting pool in the floor before them.



I feel for her.



Time heals all wounds Eli.



I know. Speaking of timeÖ

Mine has come.



If we are to save the location

of Heavenís Gate, we must stop

Lucifer from inducing the Awakening.

Are you ready?



I am.  I just wish Xena was there

to help us.  I fear that without

one as powerful as she, we may




You wonít lose. You will what is

necessary. I have faith in you.



And if I donít succeed in stopping

Rachel from inducing the Awkening?



Then Eve will regain all her memories

of her past as Callisto.  She will have

until sunset tomorrow before her new

body dies out. After that Callisto will

once again walk the earth.  If Rachel

does succeed your job will be to keep

Eve out of Luciferís grasp until the sun

sets. Then Lucifer will lose his power

to send demons to earth after her




But EveÖ



Eve will be gone, replaced forever

by Callisto.  Remember:  Once the

Awakening begins, there is no

stopping it.  All youíll be able

to do is keep Eveís soul out of hell

until her transformation is complete.

Make sure you give this to Eve.

Sheíll need it to defend herself

with against Luciferís demons.


Eli steps back, taking Michaelís sword with him.  They share one last look before Eli fades away.



Good-luck my friend.


                                                                                      Cut to:

Ext-Village of Eion


Gabrielle stands in the center of a small village called Eion.  Itís a fishing town, its main trade being seafood and sales of fishing equipment.  Today Gabrielle is helping to defend the village from an attack from a warlord named Teodore. The villagers are all armed and the town is heavily booby-trapped.



I know youíre all frightened.

I know you donít want to

lose everything youíve spent

your entire lives building.

Thatís why Iím here.  To do

my best to see that doesnít happen.


The villagerís cheer her but she quickly calms them down.



Wait!  Itís important you remember one

thing: These are trained warriors. Some

of you will die today. Be prepared

for losses.  Also know that I am ready

to give my all to save you. 



And we are prepared to give

our all for you Gabrielle.


Suddenly there is a loud banging noise as Teodoreís men begin to ram the city gates.



In memory of Xena!  Xena! Xena!


The people pick up the chant, and this touches Gabrielle to her soul. Her hand falls to touch the Chakram which she has now learned to use, and closes her eyes.



For Xena.


The city doors burst open and thugs come riding in on horseback. Gabrielle unhooks the Chakram, separates the two halves and throws them in opposite directions.  The halves cut ropes on either side of the main street, releasing two huge logs that swing directly at the foot soldiers storming behind the horsemen.  The battle is on.


                                                                                                Cut to:

Ext-Temple to Dahak-That morning

A portal from hell cracks open in the ground before an abandoned temple to Dahak and Rachel comes flying out. She is in full demon form until she settles to the ground.  When her hoofed feet touch the ground she transforms until she looks completely human,  though sheís not aware of that yet.  She holds her head back and sticks out her tongue to catch the cool, refreshing rain.  She relishes in the feel of earthís nature around her.



Now this is what I call paradise.


She bounds playfully up the steps and proceeds to walk right through the doors. 


Int-Temple Interior

The once glorious temple is now full of dead leaves, spider webs and dust.  The formerly shiny shields and swords adorning the walls now barely hang on, and as Rachel saunters further into the room a shield falls the floor with a loud clang.  She laughs in delight, clapping her hands together.



Will you look at this?  An

honest to goodness temple to

some puny, powerless god. 


She rushes up to the altar where she finds a mirror.  For the first time she sees her beautiful face and she holds a hand up to feel her smooth skin.  She doesnít notice Hope behind her.  Hope is dressed as the Season Three Gabrielle, and she holds a staff tipped with a wicked blade, an evil grin covers her face.



Iím so beautiful!



At least youíll go out with a high



Instead of turning, Rachel tilts her head to the side to see who is behind her.  She is thrilled it is Hope, for the daughter of Dahak is exactly whom she is after.



You must be Hope.


Rachel runs a finger through the grime on the altar.



This place could use a good

scrubbing you know?



Youíre right.  I think Iíll start

by washing down the altar. 

With your blood.


Hope swings her bladed staff at Rachel but it merely passes through her, causing no harm.  Hope blinks up at her in shock.



Who are you?

(Rachel turns around)




Wrong.  Iím much more dangerous

than Callisto ever was my dear.


Hope attacks again but to no avail.  The blade just passes through Rachel without causing harm. She quickly tires of the game and flicks at Hope as if flipping away a bug, sending her would-be killer flying across the room.  Hope smacks into the rear wall hard enough for pieces of if to rain down on her.  Next Rachel holds up a finger in a ďcome hereĒ motion and Hope tumbles and rolls toward her.  When she has reached Rachelís feet, the demon grabs her by the throat and hoists her up, preparing to do more damage.



Stop it!



Ooh.  Is that fear I hear in

your hoarse voice my dear?

Oh my, that rhymes.  Did you

notice that?



Who are you?  What do you want?



My name is Rachel, and I want

my Mommy back.


                                                                                                Cut to:


A man rides into the village, calling for Eve. 



Eve! Eve!




Eve hears the man yelling for her and she rushes outside to greet him.



Iím Eve. Whatís the matter?



Itís Eion!  Teodore is attacking the

village and Gabrielle is trying to defend

them.  Sheís alone you know, since

Xena died.



                           I know.  Thanks for the message.


Eve turns to mount up, but a green mist begins swirling before her and Rachel solidifies within.



                                                                 Hello Mommy. Itís so good to

                                                see you again.  

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Time Elapse:



Who are you?  What do you want?



Iíve been sent by Lucifer.  Iím here

to pierce the veil that is the lie of




In the name of Eli and all the powers

of Heaven I command this evil presence

be cast down.




You must be kidding me.  Youíd

try to cast down your own daughter?



What are you talking about?  I

have no children.  Besides, youíre

older than me.  You couldnít be

any child of mine.



Now thatís where youíre wrong.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Cut to:

Ext-Village of Eion

Gabrielle and the villagers continue to do battle against Teodore and his men.  Her Chakram flies through the line of charging soldiers in two pieces, cutting them down.  After a few men fall it rejoins and flies back to her.  Once she has it she separates it and uses the halves to cut down the enemies attacking her left and right.  Gabrielle gives her own, distinctive battle cry and executes an impossibly high flip to the roof of a building where she sees two enemies converging on one woman.  When she lands she draws her the Katana and begins sword fighting with the men.


Once she has dispatched the men she takes inventory of her people versus Teodoreís men, and finds her side is winning.  The villagers set off booby-trap after booby-trap, killing the men in groups.  Finally Teodore himself makes an appearance by riding in on horseback. He is cutting down villager after villager as he rides in, so Gabrielle flips down and lands on the horse behind him.  She wraps her arms around his waist and flips out of the saddle with him, and he lands on the ground before her.  About six of his men rush her, swords drawn, but she quickly puts the pinch on Teodore.  When they see her do this his men hesitate.



Iíve just cut off the flow of blood

to his brain.  Heíll be dead in less

than thirty seconds if I donít undo

it.  Tell your men to surrender

and Iíll spare you.  If you donít, Iíll let

you die then kill them all.


Teodore is stubborn and he waits trying to call her bluff, but Gabrielle shows no sign of being anxious to take off the pinch.  After she turns to walk away, he relents. 



Throw down your weapons.  Do it!


His men obey and the villagers begin to cheer. Gabrielle removes the pinch.



Chain Teodoreís men and put

them in lock up until they

can be bound for trial.



(who started the chant)

Donít you mean execute them for

attacking us? 



(dead serious)

I mean bound them and put them

in lock up.  There will be no more

blood shed here today.  Have I made

myself clear?


The people complain, clearly not liking Gabrielleís decision, but they do as she asks and begin to chain the men. 


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Cut to:

Int-Villagerís house

Gabrielle, bloody and dirty from her battle, enters the house of one of the villagers to freshen up.  Sheís tired and soul-sick for Xena, and we can see this in her eyes. Her weariness goes a lot deeper than the physical. 






Oh.  How sad.  You miss your

precious Warrior Princess.


Gabrielleís blood runs cold at the sound of the familiar, hard voice of her daughter Hope.  She slowly turns to confront her.





Cut to:

Amphipolis-Eve and Rachel


Eve faces off with Rachel, though Eve is unarmed.  The man whoíd ridden into town calling for her unsheathes his blade and tosses it to Eve.



So Mommy wants to play with

her long lost baby.  Iím touched.

Really I am.


Rachel draws a sword from thin air and attacks Eve. The fight quickly turns to Eveís favor so Rachel spits a long string of disgusting slime at Eveís blade and it eats through the metal like acid. Rachel quickly breaks Eveís blade with hers. 



You know Mommy, I donít

like that outfit youíre

wearing.  Itís soÖI donít know.

Prissy. How about this?


Rachel waves her hand over Eve and her outfit transforms into the outfit Callisto wore when she made her appearance on Xena the first time. Eve looks down at her body, clueless as to what Rachel is talking about.



Now doesnít that just feel right?



What is this?  What are you doing?



This is the Awakening.


Rachelís hand snakes out lightning fast and grabs on to Eveís face. When she gets hold, Eve begins to see images from her past as Callisto.


Image #1-A young 14 year old girl stands in the middle of a burning village as Xena and her men kill the men trying to fight them off.


Image #2-Callistoís father charges Xena and the Warrior Princess cuts him down.  Callisto screams for her father and collapses at his feet.


Image #3-ďCallistoĒ Xena and Callisto come face to face for the first time.


Eve pulls free from Rachelís grasp, draws the replica of Callistoís sword and tries to take Rachelís head off.  Rachel ducks, Eve thrusts and runs Rachel through, but the sword becomes stuck in Rachelís body.



Why donít you stop fighting?

You canít defeat me with mortal

weapons.  Come home with me

now. We can get to know each

other again. Wouldnít you like

                           that mother?



I am not your mother!


These words seem to genuinely hurt Rachel but Eve doesnít care.  She runs to her horse and mounts up, riding out of town.  Rachel allows her to go.



Thatís right Mommy. Run.  You

canít elude me forever.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Cut to:

Int-Eion-Gabrielle and Hope


Gabrielle and Hope are standing face to face in cottage in Eion.  Hope is looking at her mother with a mixture of rage and longing.



I just have one question

for you before I kill you.



If you can kill me.  Iím not

the same woman I was the

last time we met.



Thatís right.  Youíre Xena

now arenít you?



There will never be another

Xena.  What is it you want

to know before we go into

battle.  For the last time?



How could you choose Xena

over me?  Why did you

follow her instead of taking

over your responsibilities to

Dahak as his wife and the

mother of his child?



(sardonic laugh)

His wife?  Please tell me youíre

Kidding Hope.  You want to know

the truth?  Iíll tell you. He tricked

me into that temple.  He didnít ask

me if I wanted to have his child, he

just forced himself on me.



Youíre lying!   You gave him your

Blood innocence-



I gave him nothing!  Everything he

got from me he took by force Hope. 


They share a moment of painful silence as Hope tries to absorb what she is hearing from her mother. Itís obvious that Gabrielleís account of what happened differs with Dahakís account. 



Father told me. You married

him and then left him to follow

Xena. You deserted me. 



Nothing could be further from the

truth. Donít look at me like

youíre surprised. You know your

father was a liar. He always was. The

truth is Hope I had no choice.



You lying bitch-



(grabs Hope by the shoulders)

I loved you!  Xena was going to

kill you but I did all I could to

save you.  Hope, murdered a man

within hours of being born!  I

ignored that and because I did

you survived and murdered Xenaís

son.  It never stopped with you Hope.

We never had a mother-daughter

relationship because we were always

on opposite sides of a never ending battle

between good and evil.  We always will be.



Because Iím the evil one.



Yes.  As long as Dahak lives

you will always be evil Hope.

For you there is no redemption.

Thereís only blood and pain.


Hope looks as if Gabrielle has punched her in the gut.  She takes in a breath, shoves Gabrielle away and readies her weapon.



Like you said. Our last battle.


Gabrielle draws her Katana and faces off with her daughter for their last battle. 


Wide shot of the two facing off.

Fade Out

End of Act 1


Moving On-Act 2


Fade In-Eve-Road.


Eve rides hard and fast for Eion.  However she almost falls off of her horse when another vision overtakes her.


Image-ďReturn of CallistoĒ Callisto stands over Gabrielle with sword raised to strike the young bard down.


Eve stops her horse and all but falls off as one vision after another takes over.  This time it is from Callistoís child hood, the day she lost her village to Xenaís army. The vision is short and she comes out of it when she hears a noise near by.  Believing it is Rachel she rushes into the trees lining the road.  The Awakening intensifies and Eve becomes lost in memories once again, and she tries to talk herself out of the memories.



Itís not true. Iím not Callisto, Iím Eve.

My name is Eve.  I loved Mother and

she loved me.  Gabrielle will help me.

sheíll fix this.


Eve returns to the ground and begins running to the next town where Gabrielle will be.  As she runs another memory overtakes her and she stops.  She is so completely lost in the memory she repeats young Callistoís movements.


*Thirteen-year-old Callisto stands in the center of a burning village.  She watches as Xenaís army raids her town.  The soldiers kill the men and drag the women and children into slave wagons. 


*Callisto looks to her right to see her father pushing her mother and sister into a shed-like building.  He doesnít see the tree thatís on fire beside the shed. The tree is near collapsing onto the shed.


Eve reaches for her mother and sister, weeping as she watches the memories she is helpless to change.



No Daddy! Not the shed.  The

tree is gonna fall!  Daddy!


*Callisto-ďMom? Rachel?Ē


*Callisto looks up to see a young Xena (Adrienne Wilkenson) ride into the village, a battle cry on her lips. She swings a mace; killing the village men she passes by hitting them in the face.  When she reaches the center of the square she flips off her horse, lands and begins cutting down more village men.


*Callisto-ďNo!  Donít hurt us!Ē



Please, donít hurt us!


*Xena pulls one of her men aside as he chases a village woman.


*Xena-ďHow did this village catch fire?Ē


*Man-ďI donít know Xena.  I donít know.Ē


*Xena lets the man go just as Callistoís father attacks Xena.


*Callisto-ďNo!  Daddy donít!Ē


*Xena quickly cuts him down.







*Callisto runs to Xenaís father, who lies at Xenaís feet, dead.  She weeps over his body.


In the present Eve mimicís the movementís of young Callisto.  She drops to her knees and weeps over him.


*As Callisto holds him, the burning tree falls onto the shed and Callisto can hear her mother and sister screaming as they die.



Mommy!  Rachel!  Somebody help them!


Eve gets to her feet and begins to run, still blind in her memories of Callistoís youth.


*One of the soldiers moves up to pull Callisto to a slave wagon but Xena shoves him away.


*Xena-ďTell my men to move out.  Release the women and children we have.Ē




*Xena-ďDo it!  This village is a total loss.Ē


*Soldier-ďYes Xena.Ē


*The soldier moves away and Callisto looks up at Xena, tears spilling down her cheeks.


*Callisto-ďWhy?  Why did you destroy my life?Ē


*Xena-ďIím Xena.  Itís what I do.Ē


*Callisto-ďRemember the name Callisto. I will be your greatest enemy.Ē


*Xena stares her down for a long moment.  When Callisto doesnít look away, she mounts up.  She takes up the rear as her men head out of the village, but turns to face Callisto one last time.  We see a wide shot of Callisto looking Xena in the eye.


*Callisto- ďIíll make you wish Iíd never been bornĒ


The images go from Callistoís village to the Roman arena in ďLivia.Ē  This time we see Livia and Xena face to face in the exact same places Xena and Callisto had been in Callistoís youth, Xena to the left of the screen Livia to the right.


*Livia-ďIíll make you wish Iíd never been born.Ē


Eve comes out of her memories, covered in sweat and tears streaking her face.  She finds herself at the edge of the town Gabrielle is defending.  She looks to the local Inn, knowing Gabrielle is inside, perhaps 50 yards away.





Int-Palace in Heaven

Michael watches Eve as she stares at the Inn.



Eli is too late.  The Awakening

has begun.


Ext-Town Square-Eve

Someone taps Eve on the shoulder and she turns to find Rachel standing behind her.





Eve takes off for the Inn, screaming for help.



Gabrielle!  Help me!


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Cut to:



Gabrielle and Hope are embroiled in a vicious battle.  Gabrielle succeeds in breaking Hopeís staff with her Katana but her daughter begins to use the staff like choboís. To better defend against them, she sheathes the Katana and draws her Saiís and attacks Hope. 



Iím immortal.  You know you

canít kill me so why do you try

so hard?



I fight for good. Iíll die to defend

the world against creatures like you.



Xena felt the same way.  Look

what it got her.




I donít ever want to hear her

Name on your lips again!


Gabrielle attacks with a new ferocity until she hears Eveís voice calling for help outside.  She turns to see Eve running up the street dressed as Callisto with a Callisto look-alike apparently flying through the air behind her.  A portal to hell opens directly in front of Eve and she falls in, though she does manage to grab the edge at the last second.



What the hell?


Hope moves to make the fatal blow while Gabrielleís head is turned but a hand wraps around her wrist and stops her.  Gabrielle turns to find Eli holding on to Hopeís wrist.  Hope goes into a seizure as if she is being electrocuted.  We see Dahak in his realm dying from the contact with Eli, a Holy being.  As Dahak screams, Hope mirrors it until Dahak explodes.  When Dahak dies, Hope collapses to the floor, unconscious.






Save Eve.  She must not be taken

to hell.


Gabrielle rushes out the door then executes an amazing flip through the air until she lands right in front of Eve. She manages to catch Eveís wrist before she falls through the portal and hauls her out.



I donít believe it! The battling

Bard of Potidea in the flesh!  I

donít think you have any idea how

much my mother hated you.



Donít let her spit on you Gabrielle.





Rachel does just that and Gabrielle manages to hold up her Saiís to deflect it. They begin to dissolve immediately of course and she throws them down before the stuff can get on her hands. 



Those were antiques you nasty

little bitch.



Now is that anyway to talk to your

grand-niece, Auntie Gabrielle?



What are you talking about?



She claims sheís my daughter.


Gabrielle studies the all too familiar face and shakes her head. 



Not your daughter.  Callistoís daughter.



I donít care what Lucifer says

Gabrielle.  Youíre not stupid. 

And she is Callisto isnít she?


Rachel attacks and Gabrielle defends by separating the Chakram and using the two halves.  The spit is disgusting but it has no effect on the Chakram, much to Rachelís dismay, and her fireballs are useless against the Chakram as well.  Gabrielle finally succeeds in kicking Rachel back into the portal and it seals shut.



Eve?  Are you ok?


Eve doesnít answer because she is lost in another memory and Gabrielle canít get her back.  Gabrielle looks up to find Eli standing over them, holding an unconscious Hope in his arms.



Eli, whatís wrong with Eve?

What did that thing do to her?



Sheís lost in the Awakening.



Whatís that?



There is much to explain.  Just

know for now we canít stay here.

we need to keep moving.



What about her? 



We take her with us.



No.  Absolutely not.  I donít doubt

in the least she was working with

that demon to kill Eve. 



Iím going to have to ask you to

trust me on this one Gabrielle.

She goes with us.


Itís clear that Gabrielle doesnít like it but she gives up on her objections.  There isnít much time before Rachel returns.



Fine.  Letís go.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Cut to:



Gabrielle paces back and forth after having heard Eliís story.  Hope and Eve lie near each other on bedrolls.  Hope is unconscious and Eve tosses and turns, lost in memories.



So once someone is re-incarnated

and they lose their memories of

their past life, you have the power

to force them to remember?  This forced

memory is called the Awakening?



Yes.  Rachel has done this to Eve.



And they want to take her back to

hell to make her to give them the

location of Heavenís Gate?



Worse. They want to resurrect

Callisto so she will lead them in the

fight to secure their stronghold on




You have to save her.  You canít

let her be turned back into Callisto.

Donít you understand? Sheís all I have

left of Xena.  When I look into her

eyesÖitís like looking into Xenaís eyes. I

canít lose both of them Eli. I just canít.



I understand that better than you think

Gabrielle, but because the Awakening

has already begun, itís no longer a question of

if Callisto will return but when. 



Youíre saying you canít stop it?



No, I canít. Sheís regaining all of

Callistoís memories.  When that

happens Eve will have only a short

time before her present form dies

out and she physically transforms

back into Callisto.  The only thing

we can do to save her from hell isÖ






When she transforms back

into Callisto I will have to

kill her body so her soul can

be released back into Heaven.

that way she will be forever safe

in paradise, and so will the

secret of the Gate.


Gabrielle sits down and stares at Eve in shock.  She just canít believe it. Sheís lost Xena, now sheís going to lose Eve as well. 



I canít believe this. I justÖ

I canít believe this is happening.


How long do you think itís going

To take Hope to tell Rachel

Where we are?



She canít. Dahak is dead and Hope

is no longer a god.  Sheís no longer

evil Gabrielle.



No longer evil?  Thatís not possible.



It is.  Just as Xena redeemed

Callisto, I have redeemed Hope.

Now sheís a mortal, the same as

you, and when she comes to sheís

going to need her mother to help-



No.  After all sheís done to Xena and me,

I canít be her mother.  I wonít be her




I know having you daughter

redeemed is your deepest desire.

You want to love her Gabrielle.  I have

given you have that chance now. 



You want to give me something?

Save Eve. 



I canít do that.



Then find someone who can!  I donít

care who you have to pray to but you

find a way to keep Eve from

turning back into Callisto!  Sheís all I

have left of Xena Eli. I wonít lose her.


Instead of arguing the point Eli nods his head in agreement.



Iíll do what I can.  I donít promise




Just promise me youíll try.


Gabrielle storms off into the forest leaving Eli to watch over Eve and Hope.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Time elapse:





Gabrielle comes to a small clearing in the woods and bows to her knees.  She removes the Katana and Chakram and lays them on the grass before her.



Xena, you once told me the dead

can hear the thoughts of the living. 

I believe you hear me now.  What

am I doing?  Iíve been fighting alone

since you died.  Iíve been trying my

best to carry on our work but its so

hard without you.  Thereís no joy in

waking up to another day anymore.

Now the only thing I have left of you is

going to die and thereís nothing I can

do to save her.  I finally have a

chance to be Hopeís mother and all

I can think of is how unfair it all is.  Xena

I donít think I can continue to do this.

not alone.



Youíre not alone.  You have me.


Gabrielle turns to find Eve, still dressed as Callisto coming toward her.  Eve kneels beside her, wrapping an arm around her.



I remember everything now.  I

remember everything that happened

between us when I was Callisto. I

murdered your husband. I murdered

Xenaís son, my own brother and I-



No.  Thatís where youíre wrong.

you didnít do that, Callisto did. 



But I remember everything. 



Then you remember I forgave you.

Now that you know the truth of your

past, you have only until the sun

sets this evening and youÖ



I return to being Callisto.  I know.



Thatís not all Eve. Eli saysÖthat once

you complete the transformation he

has to kill you.





This is one detail she didnít hear while she was lost in the Awakening. Sheís shocked and dismayed, but she wants to keep a brave face for Gabrielle.



He says itís the only way

To save your soul from Lucifer.

Once youíre back in Heaven

Youíll be safe, forever.


Gabrielle dissolves into tears but Eve holds her close, stroking her hair and making comforting shushing noises to her. After awhile Gabrielle calms down.



Iíve lost Xena now I

have to lose my little girl

too.  I just donít understand it.



You have Hope. Hear me out.



Thereís nothing you can say

that would convince me to

trust Hope, Eve.



A relationship with your

child is the most important

thing in a persons life.  This

is your chance to finally have

that with Hope.  Donít walk

away from it. 



Itís not that simple Eve. 



It can be, if you let it. Promise

me one thing before IÖleave

tomorrow.  Promise me youíll keep

an open mind.  Please?



Iíll try.


They hug one more time before they hear blasts coming from the campsite. When they return they find Rachel shooting fireballs at Eli and Eli deflecting them.





Close up on Eve

Fade out.

End of Act 2


Moving On-Act 3

Fade In-


Rachel continues to fight with Eli until she looks to find Eve has returned to the campsite.



There you are mother.  Are

you ready to come home?



I am home Rachel. 



Oh no, no, no.  Your home is in Hell

with me.  Now come back or Iíll

obliterate your little angel friend here.



Not even in your wildest dreams.


Eli throws a ball of white light at Rachel and it slams her squarely in the chest, sending her flying off into the forest, but thatís not the last of it.  Portal after portal from hell cracks open and demons come flying out, hissing at them.  Eli throws Eve Michaelís sword.



Here!  Use this!  Itís Michaelís

sword and itís the only thing you have

that can send these demons back

to hell permanently.


Eve takes the sword looks to Gabrielle.



Shall we dance Gabrielle?



It would be my honor Eve.


Gabrielle draws the Katana and Eli hits it with a bolt of light.  When Gabrielle strikes a demon he explodes into a burst of green energy.  Gabrielle, Eli and Eve begin to fight the demons, ďkillingĒ one right after the other.  Hope wakes up, confused as to whatís going on so she hides behind a tree.  As Gabrielle and her two partners send the last demon to back to hell, Rachel rushes Hope and grabs her by the throat.



Gabrielle. Look what I have here. Itís

yourÖnow mortal daughter. Oh,

isnít that sweet? You had a chance

to have your baby back all nice

and good but Eve here messed

that up by refusing to come home.


Rachel picks Hope up by the neck and despite herself Gabrielle starts to move forward to save her. 



I wouldnít do that if I were you Gabrielle.



Your choking her.


When Eve moves in Rachel tightens her grip.



You donít want me to hurt Gabrielleís

baby now do you?



Gabrielleís babyÖ


Eve is overcome by another flashback of Callisto in Hell with her child.


*Callisto holds up a demon baby, kissing it.


*Callisto teaches a demon child to sword fight in hell.


*CallistoĖYouíre growing so fast Rachel.


*RachelĖMommy, why did you name me Rachel?


*CallistoĖMommy had a sister named Rachel.  Xena killed her.  Thatís why itís so important we win against the forces of Heaven.  So we can destroy her.


*RachelĖWill I get to meet her and Grandma and Grandpa? 


*CallistoĖYes, you will.


*Callisto looks around to make sure no one is watching her and then kisses Rachel, hugging her up close.


*CallistoĖI love you Rachel.  Youíre the only good thing Iíve ever had.  You will always be my Sweetness, no matter what happens. Remember that.  Remember I will always love you.


*Rachel mimics her mother looking around for privacy, bringing a smile to Callistoís face.


*RachelĖI love you too Mommy.



I can hold her up here like

this all day long, but I donít

think she can hold her breath

that long.



Put Hope downÖSweetness.


Rachel, who is staring at Hope, whips her head around and looks at Eve, hissing at the familiar name.  Eve eases toward her and Rachel tenses.



Iím in a different body true,

but Iím still your Mommy.  I see

that now...Sweetness.



No!  Youíre trying to trick me!


Eve has a sense of urgency for the struggling Hope who is choking in Rachelís grasp.



Rachel!  Please.  I was redeemed. 

I was given a second chance at life

and so can you.  Put Hope down.

You donít want to hurt Mommy by

hurting some she cares about do you?


Confused by her new emotions, Rachel slowly lowers Hope to the ground then lets go.  Hope falls back, choking, and itís clear that Gabrielle wants to go to her despite her vows never to be Hopeís mother, but Rachel is blocking the way. Eve tries to ease up on Rachel, who takes a step back, then stops to let Eve get closer.  Eveís eyes are full of pain of what she must now attempt to do.



I remember you now darling. You

were such a smart little girl. 

You learned so fast.


Rachel is almost child-like in her confusion about what to do, and we see just how much she really loves her mother and how much she wishes to have a relationship with her again.



I was?


Int-Throne Room-Hell


Lucifer watches the exchange, sitting on the edge of his seat.



Thatís right Rachel.  Let her get

close then take her!  I know youíre not

falling for this sentimental trash.



Oh yes.  You learned so fast.

I was so proud of you.  Good

girl.  Good.



Iíve missed you Mama.


This seems to break Gabrielleís heart, and Rachelís words inspire Gabrielle and Hope to share a meaningful look. 



And Iíve missed you.  A soul can

never forget someone so dear to

them as you are to me.


Eve is still moving toward Rachel. When she is close enough she intends to strike Rachel down with Michaelís sword.  This will vanquish Rachel to hell forever, never to return to earth.









I canít be good Mama.  Iím evil.

I was born to be evil.



I know.  I made you what you are.

Iím so sorry for that.


Eve swings Michaelís sword once she is close enough, trying to slash open Rachelís gut.  Rachelís reflexes are sharp and she jumps back just before any serious damage can be done to her and she cries out in heartbreak at her motherís betrayal.



No Mama!


Eve kicks Rachel in her already wounded gut, sending her flying back into the last remaining portal to Hell.  Gabrielle looks to Hope, wanting to comfort her but she resists the urge and stays put.



I know itís hard but we have

to keep moving before she returns.



(hurting over ďkillingĒ her child)

What do you mean?  She canít return.

I used Michaelís sword to vanquish her.



No, you only wounded her.  She can

still return.  We need to keep you safe

until sundown and the Awakening is

complete. Come on.


They mount up.  Eve gets on the horse sheíd taken from Eion, and Gabrielle holds her hand out to Hope. 



Are you sure?



Very sure.  Come on.  Weíll talk later.


They ride off in an effort to stay ahead of the forces of hell long enough for the sun to set.


                                                                                      Cut to:

Int-Luciferís throne room

Rachel lies on her side in hell, crying softly.  She does not see Lucifer watching her from the shadows with disgust on his face.



Why Mama?  Why?


Lucifer comes out of the shadows and walks slowly toward her.  He stands over her for a moment then brutally kicks her in her wounded gut.  She screams in pain and he grabs her by her hair, jerking her to her feet. 



Rachel.  You sentimental fool! 

I should have known youíd still have a

soft spot for you mother.


Rachel jerks free of Lucifer and we see her face coated with tears.



Donít you worry about my spots Lucifer.



She made you weak with all her

talk of love!



Weak?  Because she taught me to feel?



Yes! Itís feelingís that land

people in this God-forsaken

place. I should know.



For the first time since I met you I hate you.



Do you really think I care?

Your job is to bring me Callistoís

soul!  Not ponder your




I didnít ask to be created!



Nobody does!  Iím not here to

debate the reason for it all Rachel. 

Iím here to offer you a choice.


All of Rachelís fire seems to drain from her.



I can barely stand the suspense,

so tell me what it is.



The Awakening has begun.  Itís

Unstoppable once it starts.  Your

mother is returning regardless of

if she wants to or not.  If you can

have her here in hell when she

completes her transformation at

sunset, I can corrupt her and she

will tell me the secret location

of Heavenís Gate.



I know.  Youíve told me this a

Thousand times.  Whatís the

choice you were talking about?



You can bring her back to hell where

she belongs and have your precious

mommy back, or, you can roast forever

in the Lake of Fire.



You sick bastard.


Lucifer chuckles, genuinely amused be the fear he sees in her eyes at this and the anger it inspires within her at the same time.



Thatís my girl.  Fail, I will

torment you for eternity.



Fine.  Iíll do that, but first thereís

something I have to do for myself.



Do for yourself? What would that be?



None of your business!



Iím the King of Hell little girl. 

Everything is my business.



And Iím Hellís Princess.  Iíll be

back when Iím finished.


A green mist envelops Rachel and she fades away before he can object any further.  Lucifer settles back in his new throne looking contemplative as he tries to figure out what she may be up to.



Michael and other angels continue to do battle against the forces of Hell on the same battleground seen in ďFallen AngelĒ.  While Michael is fighting he hears a whispering sound and pulls another angel to him.



Do you hear that?



I donít hear anything.


Michael letís him go and looks around as he flies into the air to searches the stone pillars below him for the source of the voice.  He finally finds a pillar with only one being.  As he flies closer he sees it is Rachel.  He draws his sword, ready to fight.



I didnít come here to fight.



Thereís a first.  What do you

want demon?  Iím busy.



I have questions that need answering.



Go to your master.  Heíll answer them.


Michael turns to fly away but there is something in Rachelís voice that makes him stay.



Please Michael.  Heíll only lie.



Ask.  I donít promise to answer.



But your answer will be the truth.

I know that much.  I was born of hell

by two demons.






I was never given a chance

to choose to fight for good. 

I was always told I was bad,

and that I had no soul.  Is this

true?  Am I only what I was told that

I am or am...Am I more?


Michael studies her with something akin to pity.  He knows she is here because of the love she has found for her mother, and perhaps this can be her saving grace.



You already know the answer to that

question Rachel.



My motherÖshe hurt me today.


Michael sighs and walks slowly over to her, taking her shoulders in his hands.



You must ask yourself: Which

did your motherís betrayal

hurt worse?  Your body or your




My soul.

Rachel dissolves into tears but Michael takes pity on her and pulls her close, rocking her until she can calm down.



Yes.  Your soul. Youíre right

Rachel; you didnít have a choice.

You were forced into hell and

for that, Iím sorry.



Save me Michael.  I donít want to do

these terrible things anymore.

I just want to know peace andÖ

Iím afraid of being tortured.



Your salvation is up to the

Master, not me.  Besides, youíre not

the first one to ask for divine

mercy today.  I will see what I

can do. 



You promise?



I promise.  Until then do what

your master orders. This will

keep you from suspicion.  Go.



Are you sure thatís wise? I

might actually succeed.



Iím very sure. No go.


Michael turns to leave but Rachel has a few last words.



Thank you Michael.  For

being so kind.



Youíre welcome Rachel.



Rachel watches Michael fly off.

Close up on Rachel


Fade out.


End of Act 3


Moving On-Act 4

Fade In-Road-Two hours before sunset


Gabrielle, Eli, Hope and Eve make their way down a road.  As they do rain clouds have darkened the sky, threatening a storm.  Gabrielle dismounts.



Can you guys ride on? I need to

speak with Eli.


They agree and continue on while Gabrielle walks on with Eli.



Eli, why are you here? 



You know.  I want to save

Eve and Hope for starters.



Thereís more, I can feel it.



Youíve become so wise Gabrielle.

There is more. My time to be

reborn to earth has come.  I am

here to find a mother.






I had hoped you would be the one,

but something tells me itís not meant

to be.  Your path as a warrior will not

allow it.



Iím not ready for that. I Have so

much I need to do before I can

even consider falling in love

or starting a family.



I understand.  Believe me.  However

you do have a child that needs you.



Eli, I just donít know if I can forgive

her of all the things sheís done. I want

to butÖ



You feel that doing so would be a

betrayal to Xenaís memory. Gabrielle,

the greatest gift one person can give

to another is love.  You cannot have

love without forgiveness. 



You have no idea what Iíve been

Through with her Eli-



(takes her shoulders)

I know exactly what youíve been through

with her Gabrielle.  I also know she needs

you now more than she ever did. 

Can you really turn your back on

your own child? 


Eli looks to the sky. 



Itís going to rain soon.  We need to get

out of sight and out of the storm.



(calling back to them)

My faÖDahakís temple is up ahead. We

can take shelter in there.



Sounds like a plan.  Come on!


Rain begins to pour and Gabrielle mounts up behind Hope.  Eli fades away and the three women take off for the temple.


Int-Heavenís viewing room

Michael paces back and forth before the reflecting pool but stops when a beautiful blond angel appears.  Michael shakes hands with the angel.



Micah, friend.  What did He say?



Yes.  Concerning Eveís fate, He

says Gabrielle will only know peace

when she silences her will.



What does that mean?



I have no idea. Iím just the messenger here.

As far as Rachel goes Eve must slay the

demon in time. 



Let me get this straight: Gabrielle will only

know happiness when she silences her will, and

Eve must slay Rachel to save her.



Donít interpret Michael.  Thatís

not what I said.  Gabrielle will

only know peace when she silences

her will, and Eve must slay the

demon in time.  Tell them exactly

what He said. Apparently they

will figure out the answers on their own.



For their sakes I hope youíre

right.  Iíll give them His message. 



Int-Luciferís Throne Room

Lucifer sits on his throne.  He calls out in a thundering voice to his legions. In every corner of hell, his voice is heard.  In one room, a group of souls are hanging by their feet.  Demons beat them with whips.  They stop their torture only to listen to Luciferís speech.  In another torture chamber, a group of demons toss people into a lake of pure fire.  We see inside the fire glimpses of souls writhing in agony.  In another room there are guillotineís lined up, about five in a row.  Demons drag tortured spirits toward them to be beheaded.  In yet another room a man is trying desperately to climb from a pit full of snakes.      The snakes cling to him as he climbs.



My children.  The time has

come when we will take back

our daughter Callisto.


The demons cheer at his words and Lucifer pulls Rachel to stand at his side.



You all know Rachel, daughter

of Callisto and your former

king Mephistopheles.  She was born

of Hell and she will lead hell to victory!


The demons begin to cheer Rachelís name, but all of her usual sarcasm and arrogance is gone.  She looks at the demons not with pride, but with sadness, and becomes stiff when Lucifer wraps an arm around her and whispers to her.



You know the price of failure so

youíd better make me proud.


She gives him a hateful stare and fades away in a green mist. 


Int-Temple to Dahak

Gabrielle, Eve and Hope enter the temple to Dahak to find Eli waiting there already. 



We made it just in time.  Itís freezing.



I can fix that. 


Gabrielle throws her chakram at the altar.  The disk splits in-two and flies around the altar and it falls apart into neatly sliced pieces and everyone but Hope laughs and cheers.  Gabrielle holds out her hand.



Come back to Mama.


Obediently the Chakram rejoins and flies back to Gabrielle as if it understood what sheíd said.  Hope goes over to a window, disturbed at the sight of the altars destruction.  Realizing sheís done something to hurt her, Gabrielle grin slides from her face.



Go to her.




Hope?  Iím sorry. It was rude of

us to laugh.  He was your father.



He was the only one to ever love

me.  Now I wonder if he really did.

Love me I mean.


Gabrielle is wounded by Hopes words.  Eve and Eli watch the exchange.



Hope, I told you before that I did love

you. I justÖ


When Hope doesnít answer, Gabrielle turns her to face her.



Iíve told you a million times thatís not true.



It feels like the truth Mother.



Our past is full of sorrow Hope,

and we can never undo that, but

we can start from today. You

were reborn, so let us be reborn.

This can be day one for us Hope.

If you want it.



Itís what Iíve always wanted.



I love you Hope. 



I love you too. Iím sorry for

all the things Iíve done to you.

I really am.


Gabrielle thinks back onto what Eli had told her on the road just minutes ago.



You canít have love without

forgiveness Hope. I forgive you.



Iíve waited my entire life

to hear you say that.


Eli and Eve watch the tender exchange with emotion, but the moment doesnít last long as Rachel and her demons arrive outside.



Mother!  Iím not asking you

anymore. Iím telling you to

so come on!



My long lost daughter.


A hole is blasted through the temple doors and we look outside to see about thirty demons waiting in the courtyard.



The sun will set in less than an hour.



Hope, is there a back door?



Yes, in the library there

are some tunnels, but I have

no idea where they lead.





Rachel sees them taking off for the rear of the temple.  She looks regretful at the next order she must give.





The demons prepare to fly in but Eli holds his hand to the sky.  Suddenly the rain begins to eat through the demons like acid and they explode one after another.  Rachel makes it through before the rain can harm her.



What did you do?



I turned the rain to Holy water.



Brilliant Eli.


Hope opens a floor space in the library as Gabrielle bolts the door. 



I have my moments.



Careful Eli. Pride comes before a fall.



Eli, Gabrielle, Eve and Hope enter the tunnels to find three possible routes.



Which one Hope?



Does it really matter?



Donít start acting like your

mother.  I donít mean Xena.





A green mist appears in the corner and Rachel appears.  Gabrielle faces off with her.



Mother, before you run

will you tell me one thing?






Do you really hate me?



I donít hate you Rachel. 

I just canít help you in

your fight against good.


Gabrielle and Hope share another meaningful look.  This is all too familiar with them.




Hope, pick one and run for it.

Iíll follow shortly, I promise.



I love you Mother.



I love you too sweetheart.



They all take off down he center tunnel, which Gabrielle blocks with her body.



You spit on me again and Iíll

kick your ass worse than it ever has

been before.



Youíre threats canít even begin to

compare with the one Lucifer is

holding over my head right now.


Gabrielle attacks Rachel.  They clash swords.  Rachel manages to get Gabrielleís sword from her hand but loses her own in the process.  Gabrielle spins twice, kicking at Rachel who ducks both kicks.  Rachel sneaks in a solid punch to Gabrielleís stomach, who returns it to Rachel in kind.  Gabrielle attempts to hit Rachel seven more times but Rachel blocks each blow. 




Hope, Eve and Eli run down the tunnel at full speed. 




Gabrielle and Rachel continue to attempt to kick and punch one another.  Gabrielle finally gets in one good punch that sends Rachel flying into the back wall.  She slides down, nearly unconscious.  Gabrielle turns and runs down the tunnel with them.

Finally she catches up with the others only to find the tunnel is a dead end.



Weíre going to have to go back.


The sound of demons coming up the tunnel alerts them that the way they have come is blocked off.  They have no choice but to continue forward. Suddenly an arm reaches out of the wall behind Hope and wraps around her waist.  Hands come from everywhere, the walls, the floor, pulling on Hope, Eve and Gabrielle, but they do not touch Eli.  They attempt to fight them off but they are unsuccessful.  One demonís hand starts to choke Hope.






Hope!  Theyíre not grabbing

you Eli!



Hold onto me!


When the women touch Eli the appendages let go of them with screaming noises coming from the walls.  Gabrielle takes the Chakram and prepares to throw it at the support beam.



Gabrielle donít!  This is a dead

End tunnel, weíll be trapped.



If those demons get to us,

weíre going to dead end.

Trust me Eve.


Gabrielle collapses the tunnel and they are thrown into darkness but a small beam of light comes through from above.



You see what I see?



I think I do.


Gabrielle throws her Chakram and it tears through the small hole in the ceiling.  They begin to climb out.



Ext-Final battle field.


When everyone emerges from the tunnel they see the sky has mysteriously cleared and the sun is almost set.  Suddenly Eve is afraid as Eli touches her shoulder.



Eve, itís time.  You know

what I have to do now.



Gabrielle, I want to tell

you that youíre like a mother

to me.  I love you andÖ



Go. Be with Xena.  Be sure to

tell her how much I love her andÖ


Gabrielle and Eve break down into tears and Gabrielle pulls Eve close in one final hug. 



If I could die for you I would.

I wish I could save you.



Maybe you can save her.


The group turns to face Michael, not noticing Rachel hovering above the group, studying the setting sun



This is your last chance Rachel.

Fail now and you will burn forever.

I will personally see to it.


Rachel hears his threat and it visibly scares her+.  She draws her sword and flies oward Eve.



He heard my prayers and those are

His answers?  What do they mean?



I donít know.



What do you mean you donít

know?  Youíre an angel!



That doesnít mean I have

all the answerís Gabrielle.


Rachel lands behind them.



I need to talk to you Mother.


Gabrielle moves in to defend Eve.  Sheís not about to allow her to try anything with Eve at the last moment.



Youíre not taking her to Hell. 



Gabrielle, I think I can handle

this.  Please.


Gabrielle grudgingly steps aside to let them face off.



You said you loved me. Did you

mean that?



Yes.  I meant it with all

my heart.


Int-Luciferís throne room

Lucifer watches the exchange with disgust.  Its time to end this once and for all.



I knew she was weak. Legions!  Attack!





Even though it means I will

suffer for eternity, I want you

to know that I quit.  I wonít try to

take you back to hell. I love you.



I know you love me sweetheart.


Eve takes Rachel into an embrace and as they hug, the ground begins to rumble. Suddenly, all across the field portals open and thousands of demons fly out. 



How are we supposed to stand up to that?



Youíre not. Heaven will.  Watch.


A bright ball of light appears over the field, like the one seen at the beginning of ďFallen AngelĒ and thousands of angels fly from it to land on the earth.



My God. The war in Heaven

has come to Earth.


The angels land and go into a massive battle with the demons.



Eli, keep Hope safe.  I think

I know what I have to do to

save Eve. (she closes her eyes

and tilts back  her head in prayer)

I give up my will and my desiresÖ


Eve faces Rachel and looks down at the sword Eli had given her and Godís answer suddenly has meaning.



I know what to do. I know

how to save you.  I understand.


Suddenly Eve attacks Rachel, who instinctively fights back.



I thought you loved me!



I do love you  Thatís why I

have to slay the demon!




My time has come and I have

no one to take me.


Eve and Rachel fight while Gabrielle prays in the middle of the battle.  Hope, who has heard Eli, pulls him aside.



I heard what you said to

mother about returning

to earth.  Eli, you gave me

a new lease on life. You gave

me my mother.  Let me

return the favor.



Are you sure youíre ready?



Iíve never been more sure

about anything in my life.

Iíve lost one child already.

This will give me a second

chance at motherhood.



Thank you Hope.  You have

no idea what this means

for me. 



I think I do. (hugs Eli)Iíll see you in

nine months.


Eli lays his hand on Hopeís stomach and his hand begins to glow.  Slowly he disappears into her.  Just as the sun is about to set Eve knocks Rachel to her back and looks deeply into her daughterís eyes.




I love you.


Eve runs the sword through Rachel and there is a brilliant flash of light.  When it fades the field is empty with the exception of Eve, Gabrielle, Hope, Rachel and Michael.  It is clear from the robes she is wearing and the glow about her head that Rachel has been transformed from a demon to an angel.



Iím an angel.


Fade out

End of Act 4


Moving On-Final Ending


Fade in-Campsite-night

Gabrielle and Hope sit next to the fire and watch as Eve talks privately with Rachel.



You saved me Mother.  I have

been given a place in paradise

forever.  How can I ever thank




Thereís no need to thank me

Sweetness. I would have traded

places with you if it hadnít

meant giving up Heavenís Gate.

Youíre my daughter. I love you.



(hugging Eve)

I love you too. I just found you

and I donít want to leave. 



Are they calling you?






Then go.  Iíll keep you in

my heart always.



And you in mine.  If I

see Xena, Iíll tell her you

love her.


Rachel kisses her motherís forehead then steps back and fades away.  After a moment of pulling herself together, Eve returns to the fire.



Today has been a day of miracles.

Three women have been

blessed with their children.

What an amazing gift.



Family is one gift I will always cherish.



I will continue my mission as

the Messenger Of Peace.  You know,

with us as a team the world will

never be the same again.


After a short moment of laughter Gabrielle grows serious again.



Let us never take a single day

for granted.  Let us never

forget those weíve left behind. 


Gabrielle holds her hand toward the center of the circle they have formed to make a pact.



 Never forget Mother.



Never forget Xena.




Weíll never forget Xena.


Wide shot of the group.


Fade Out


The End

Friday-June 22, 2001.

Caina Q.  Fuller.