Family Tree

The Messenger Series

Written By © Caina Q.  Fuller





Fade InóVirgil

Itís a cool but sunny day in the village of Torone, the village Virgil and his family have decided to make their home in since their other home was destroyed in the firefight with the gods of Olympus in ďMotherhood.Ē 


In the stables, Virgil brushes the horses down that he has been hired to care for.  He wears a light shirt but sweat covers his brow from his efforts. As he brushes one horse down Phobos, the Greek god of Fear, appears in front of him.  He is invisible to Virgil but the horses can sense his presence and they become skittish, dancing around in their stalls.




Hey boys. Whatís the matter huh?


The horses refuse to calm down under his touch.  Phobos moves up to the horse Virgil is brushing and suddenly jumps out at it.





The horse rears back, almost kicking Virgil.   



Whoa boy! Calm down!


The horse bolts past Virgil who barely has a chance to move out of the way before heís ran over.  As the horse passes by, Virgil slams his right hand into a nail and it puts a small wound on his wrist.  He nurses it as company arrives.  Behind him his sister Calantha enters.  She is a beautiful young woman with dark hair and blue eyes, very similar in looks to Meg.  She is also dressed like she could be the village whore.





You ok bro?



Iím fine. What are you wearing?




Clothes, whatís it look like?



Youíre barely dressed.  Youíre not

going out in public like that.


Virgil approaches her and as soon as heís near her he begins waving his hand in front of his face as if to shoo away a bad odor.



Did you drink the mead or bathe in it?



I should have known youíd start as

soon as I got in.  Iím leaving.



What do you expect Calantha?  You spend

all of your time with that Tarsus jerk.  Youíve

abandoned your family-


Calantha turns on him with hot anger.




He is not a jerk!



Then what is he?



Heís the man I love.


Virgil gives a derisive snort at this news and Calantha takes off towards the main house.  She stops and turns back to him.




And you wonder why Iím never home anymore.


Virgil realizes heís taking the wrong approach with his little sister and tries a different track.



Cally, wait!  Iím sorry. Letís try

and talk about this.



Whatís there to talk about?  You treat

me like a child since Dad died.



I donít want to hurt your feelings

Calantha, but if you want to be

treated like an adult, you have to

start acting like one.



Thatís it. Iím out of here and Iím not

coming back this time.


Calantha runs into the house and slams the door, and Virgil shakes his head, moving back into the stables.



Like Iíve never heard that one before.


Phobos, who has been watching the entire exchange, begins to laugh. Unlike his brothers Deimos and Strife however, he is not hyper or psychotic in any way. He is calm and cool and comes off as being a very dangerous god.  As Virgil walks past Phobos, the god speaks a suggestion to him.



Youíre thirsty Virgil.  Why donít you

go and get a nice drink of cold water?


Virgil wipes his mouth with sudden thirst as he walks past Phobos and heads out back to get a drink of water. 





Good boy.


Phobos disappears from the stables and appears next to the well in the back yard of the house.  As soon as Virgil has taken in some of the water he falls to the ground, almost seeming to choke from something.  Once he calms, he sits up, looking himself over.  Right before his eyes the wound on his right hand fades away. Virgil stares at his body with a sense of wonder, then looks up. With his new godly vision he can see Phobos reclining beside the well.



Who are you?  What have you

done to me?


Close up on Virgil. 

Fade out.  End of Teaser.





Family Tree-Act One


Fade In-Virgil


Virgil stands before Phobos, looking him over with no small amount of skepticism.



I asked you a question. Who

are you?  What have you done

to me?



My name is Phobos.



PhobosÖGod of fear?  That would

explain the horses. Why are you

here?  What do you want?



Iím here to welcome you to your

god-hood. Since Iím your brother

I figure itís the least I could do.


Now Virgil is really skeptical, and he shows it by laughing in Phobosí face.




My brother?  Thatís rich.



You donít believe me?



Well, let me see.  Youíre the

son of Ares. Youíre a known

liar.  A wound on my hand heals

and suddenly Iím a god, your

brother?  No, I donít believe you.




Virgil turns and begins to walk away from him when Phobos calls out to him.



Iím telling you the truth. You

are my brother. Why would I

lie to you?




Thatís the 10,000 dinar question

of the day, now isnít it?  Look,

Iím not going to play whatever

little game youíve got going here

ok?  Now get off my land and

leave me alone.



Phobos is incredulous, and he appears right in front of Virgil.



You would dare attempt to kick me,

a god, off your land?




Thatís right.  I said get off

my land, and I meant it.  If Iím

the son of a god, you canít hurt

me, right?



And what will you do if I donít?



Virgil throws a punch at Phobos, but the god of fear catches his hand and shoves him back.  Virgil throws several more punches but to no avail.  Then, almost on instinct, Virgil shoves his hand toward Phobos, palm first, and an angry red fireball shoots out, slamming into Phobosí chest and sending him flying all the way through the yard.  Now Virgil looks at his hand in amazement, then back up to the laughing god of fear.




I told you!  We are brothers.  Your

mother was barren, so she made a

deal with Ares.



(walking away)

I donít want to hear this.



Well you are. She made a deal with

him to make his fantasy of having

Xena come true since heíd believed

her to be deadÖ


Fade into the pastÖ


Meg walks toward her home in Torone.  She has just recently become married to Joxer and settled down to start a business with him, and she has dreams of perhaps adopting children.


A handful of Ares guards are in the village, as well as Ares, and some of the guards begin making rude comments to Meg as she passes.  One bold guard steps out and blocks her path.  Ares watches with mild interest.



Hey sweet thing.  You must be Meg.



Thatís right.  Who are you?



My name is Tilus.  You know, the localís

talk about you. They say you used

to run a brothel here, but I canít find it.



Thatís because I donít run one

no more.  Iím out of the business.






(mock surprise)

You quit the oldest profession

known to man? 




Thatís right. Iím a married

woman of honor now.  So if

youíll excuse me.


Meg moves to walk away but Tilus blocks her path.  The situation quickly turns ugly.



A woman of honor huh? I hate

to break it to you sweetheart, but

once a whore, always a whore.


The men laugh, and we can clearly see that this hurts Meg deeply.




Look fella, I donít want no trouble.

I just wanna go home and cook dinner

for my husband.


She tries to move around him again, but Tilus grabs her arm and slaps her.  Meg falls to the ground, holding her stinging cheek and staring up at Tilus in surprise, which is quickly turning to anger.  Ares, who sees Xena in her so much, is about to call Tilus off when Meg takes control of the situation.



Youíll leave when I say you can leave.




You donít want to make me angry.


This tone to her voice really catches Aresí attention.



Really?  And what are you gonna

do about it little girl?


Meg drives her foot into his crotch.  When he doubles over she kicks him in the face, sending him flying back about 20 feet.  She jumps to her feet as two more men attack.  When they are close to her, Meg flips through the air and kicks them in the backs, sending them sprawling.  Now sheís practically got Ares salivating.  The three men get to their feet and draw their swords, but Ares steps in.





The men stop and bow to Ares, but they stare at Meg hatefully.



This woman isnít to be touched.

ever, do you understand me?



Yes sir.


Ares lays a hand on her shoulder and smiles down at her.



Go home Meg. 



How do you knowÖoh, thatís

right.  I remember you from

your bachelor party.  Youíre Ares,

the god of war.



I am. 



Well thanks.



Meg walks off, and Ares stares her down until she disappears into the new restaurant she and Joxer will be opening.



I miss you Xena.



Suddenly an evil grin comes over his face and he rubs his chin.


Int.  Megs place night


Meg is putting dishes away when Ares appears behind her.  He touches her shoulders and Meg smiles.



Jox?  You still here? I thought

you were off to Potidea to-


She turns and finds Ares behind her and she quickly moves away from him.



Ares.  What are you doiní here?



I had to see you again.  You have

the face of the only woman I

have ever loved.  I canítÖI just

had to see you.


Ares reaches out to caress her face, but Meg moves away again.



Look, Ares, I heard about you

from Gabrielleís scrolls.  You have

a way of getting an idea in your head

and you wonít let it go.  Now, I may

look like Xena, but I ainít Xena. Iím

Meg, and Iím happily married to

Joxer.  So uhÖwhatever youíve got in

mind ainít happeniní. 





Meg turns to leave the kitchen area when Ares calls out to her.



Fair enough.  I have a proposal

for you then.



I ainít interested.



Even if it means healing your

barren womb?


Meg stops dead in her tracks and turns to Ares.  Now sheís interested in what he has to say.



You can do that?



Iím a very powerful god. I can

do anything.  You make my dream

of having Xena for one last time,

and I will make your dream of motherhood

a reality.  Think about it.



What do I have to do?


Close up on Ares wicked smile.



Ext. Small village-Day


Fade In-Flag with Xenaís X symbol inside her old Chakram. 


Ares stands in the center of a village, that is being raided by one of his armies.  Each soldier wears Xenaís symbol on their chests.  The soldiers kill the men and force the women and children into wagons. Gabrielle comes riding into the village and begins defending the people.



Gabrielle is holding her own, along with some help from a few villagers, when ďXenaĒ comes riding into town.  Itís really Meg fighting as Xena for Aresí fantasy.  Xena flips from Argoís back with her customary battle cry and lands in front of Gabrielle.



Xena! I canít believe youíre

fighting for Ares now.  How could

you leave me to go back to that

life, with him? 



Love Gabrielle.  Thatís how.


Xena and Gabrielle go into battle, and Gabrielle puts up an impressive fight before Xena disarms her former companion of her saiís.  She runs her old best friend through just as Ares appears next to her.  As Gabrielle lies dying on the ground, Ares pulls Xena to his side.



(to Gabrielle)

You won a lot of the battles

Gabrielle, but I win the war.


ďGabrielleísĒ last sight is Xena in a passionate kiss with Ares.



Int. Ares temple

Ares sits in his throne and Xena enters.  She is spattered with blood, dirt and sweat from the dayís battles (just as Ares likes his women to be), and even dirty like she is, she is beautiful in a fierce, murderous kind of way.





The battle?



I was victorious of course.

I totally annihilated those weaklings,

and I did it all in your name. 



No. In our name. 


Ares arises from his throne and moves toward her.  Slowly they meet in the center of his temple and begin kissing passionately. 



I did it for us.  I love you

Ares.  I have always loved

you. Can you ever forgive me

for leaving your side for so




Of course I can.  Make love to me

Xena.  Like we used to in the old days.



Just like the old daysÖ


The camera moves around them slowly as they kiss passionately, and when it comes full circle there is a bed behind them.


ďXenaĒ shoves Ares back onto the bed. 



I will never leave you again.






I have always wanted to hear

you say that.




Fade into present day on Virgilís stunned face.


Fade Out.  End of Act One.






Family Tree-Act Two



Fade In.  Village of Scione


Eve moves through a brightly decorated village as the villagers prepares for the festival of Aphrodisia (a festival in honor of Aphrodite).  She is holding the hand of a little girl about seven years old named Maya, who is the daughter of a friend Eve has made, and itís clear the girl worships Eve. 



Look Eve!  You said you wanted

to change your outfit.  Hereís a

good place. 



Yes it is.  Iíll be right back.


Eve disappears into the booth.


Ext. Booth


Maya paces back and forth in front of the booth, impatient.



Evie!  Hurry up.



Ok, here I come Maya.


Eve steps out from the booth wearing a pair of knee high boots, tight fitting black pants with a belt that has a buckle in the form of the Christian fish symbol.  She wears a leather bra top and silver armlets, and Eveís has pulled her hair back into a French braid with a few loose wisps of hair framing her face.  Maya likes the new look and claps with glee.




I love it Evie.  I love it.



Thank you Maya.  I like it too.




The booth keeper, a portly old woman, calls to Eve, holding up a scabbard with the petite version of Michaelís sword from ďMoving OnĒ inside.



Booth Keeper

The smith has finished your

scabbard Eve.  What do you think?



Itís a fine piece of work.  Thanks.


Once the woman is paid off, Eve puts on the scabbard and starts down the street with Maya.



What do you want to do now?



Iíd like to look for the pie booth.




Great idea sweetheart.


Eve and Maya pass by another booth with Calantha and Tarsus watching her every move.



You ready?



Iíve been ready for a long time.


Ext. Booth


Maya looks over a booth displaying dolls and wooden figurines when Calantha comes to stand beside Eve.



Calantha! What brings you all

the way to Scione?





Iím traveling with Tarsus.


Eveís disapproval is obvious and it inflames Calanthaís anger even further.






Nothing. Really.


Calantha studies Maya playing with the dolls.  By now the young womanís attitude toward Eve tells us that she doesnít like Eve.



She reminds me of me when

I was her age.  Why is she with you?



Sheís the daughter of a friend.

Iím sitting for them while they

attend a wedding in Corinth. 



So there are a couple of people

out there you didnít murder?

Iím surprised Livia.


Eve ignores the remark.  Perhaps she can remind Calantha of the blessings she had to have grown up with both of her parents.  Something she didnít have.



You have something else in

common with Maya, Calantha. You

both were blessed to have grown

up with both of your parents.



I had both parents.  Now I have

only one, thanks to you.  I have

a question for you.



Anything, though I donít

guarantee youíll like the answer.





Can you begin to imagine what itís

like to be married to someone for twenty-five

years? I was talking with mother right

after you murdered father (her words  have a

definite effect on Eve). She said that in the

entire time she and dad had been together,

they had only spent the night apart twice.

Twice in all that time.


They share a moment of silence, which Calantha forces Eve to face her crime and the pain itís caused once again. 



Iím sorry Calantha-




You murder my father and now

you get to walk around free!  You

know what really disgusts me

about you?


Eve says nothing.  She only stands there, absorbing the anger and hurt coming from Calantha in tidal force waves. 



You have the nerve to preach about

peace.  Every day I wake up to the

knowledge that my father is gone from

my life forever. Every day I have to face

the fact that I will never see him

again, and I know that so many other

people are facing the same torment, all

because of you.


Maya and several other villagers are staring at the two women now, but Calantha doesnít care.  Sheís started and she canít stop her rage.



And what about my mother? What

about my younger sister and

brothers? They still cry for him at night!



Calantha, try to calm down-


Calantha slaps Eve across the face, hard.   Tarsus, who is watching from the booth, grins at this, thinking it funny.  Eve looks at her calmly and without anger.



Donít you dare try to tell me what

to do!  Youíve ruined my life! 

(her voice drops, low and deadly)

Every day I feel my heart getting colder

and colder, and itís all your fault. I

hate you Eve, and I hope you

die a slow, ugly death.


Eve now notices that six men have surrounded her, along with Tarsus.



Eve.  Youíre under arrest for

your crimes as ďLiviaĒ.


Off Tarsus cut to:


Ext.  Hill-Day


Virgil stands with Phobos on a hillside, watching a Roman army raid a small village.



What is this? 



Weíre going to watch some of

my fatherís handiwork.  Heís really

very good at what he does.



Iíll just bet.  But Iím not gonna

stand here and watch a war. Put

an end to it.



I canít.  This battle has already taken

place.  Weíve journeyed to the past

about six years.


Romans attack an innocent village which is oddly devoid of men.  There are only women and children here, but one teen bravely fights a Roman soldier.  The villager isnít as good as the soldier, and quickly loses the fight.  Virgil watches helplessly as the Roman uses his sword to sweep the villagerís feet from beneath him.  He lifts his sword to deliver the deathblow when Virgil holds out his hand.





Suddenly the Roman freezes and the village boy picks up a sword near by and runs the soldier through.  Phobos begins to laugh.



See? That wasnít so hard, now was it?

You have the gift of Will, Virgil.  You

can will things around you to happen.

You just did it, and you can do it again.



I want you to stop this battle.



Out of the question.



Let me guess.  You donít have the

gift of Will, right?





Iím a full god.  Of course I have the

power of Will.



Then Iíll stop the battle.



Go ahead, but I wouldnít

recommend it.  A man with your

strict moral code wouldnít want

to go around messing with

peopleís destinies.  You see,

this is Liviaís second campaign

against Gaul since she took over the

Alpha Legion.


Phobos is looking at Virgil as if this should mean something, but the significance goes over Virgilís head.



I donít understand what youíre getting at.



Livia discovered this was a village created

to house the families of the Gaul resistance




That explains why thereís no men here.

sheís going to take them hostage and

use them against the Gaul soldiers?



Not much on history are you Virgil? Hostages

were never Liviaís style. Sheís going to kill

everyone down there. She believes that if the

Gaul forces are distracted by their feelings

for their families theyíll become clumsy.  Divide

and conquer my boy.  She was right.  Her plan

worked and she crushed her enemies in two

days of intense battle.


As Virgil watches, Livia comes riding up onto the hill and stops beside them, completely unaware of their presence.  She watches the battle in approval, and Virgil stares at her hatefully.




If you use your gift to kill her now,

your father will be alive and well

when we return to your village.


Virgil contemplates doing just that, but eventually closes his eyes and turns away from them.



This is not the same woman

I know.  Sheís misguided by your

father and sheís-



Our father Virgil.



I wonít kill.  Iím not like you

Ares may have sired me,

but my father was Joxer.  He was a

good and honest man, and I will not

dishonor his memory by stooping

to your level.  Take me home.



Phobos stares Virgil down, then fades away.  When he does the battlefield fades away as well, and Virgil is back home, on his front porch.


Ext.  Village-Tarsus


Eve turns to Tarsus.



You must be Tarsus. Virgil

told me all about you.



And what did he have to say about

little ole me?





Heís not thrilled about you corrupting

his little sister.



Sorry Livia, but youíve beat me to it.



Iím not Livia. Iím Eve, and Iím leaving.



(draws his sword as does

his men)

Sorry sweetie, but I canít allow

you to do that.  Iím taking you

in for your crimes as Livia.




You must be kidding.



Oh no.  King Siran is visiting Olynthus.

Heís got a price on your head and

heíll stop at nothing to get his hands on

you for your crimes against his people.




Heís offering a hundred thousand

dinars for you.  Dead or alive.



I donít think Cally here would object

if I took you in dead.



If you were in it for justice, I might

consider going with you willingly.  But

since youíre only in it for the money,

Iím afraid Iím going to have to decline.



And Iím afraid itís not that simple.  Take her.



The man directly behind Eve, Macon, moves in to grab her.  She kicks him in the gut but he catches her foot and attempts to twist her ankle to prevent her from running away.  Eve turns with the twist in mid air and in the process she kicks him in the face.  He lets go of her ankle and she kicks him again in the gut, sending him flying back into the blacksmithís shop entrance behind him.  Dull swords and other pieces of metal come crashing down around him.  An archer hops onto a wagon in the center of town and takes aim at Eve with a cross bow.



Donít shoot until I say so.






Go back to the shopkeeper Maya.

Iíll be fine, I promise.



You shouldnít make promises you

canít keep.


Two of Tarsusí men charge her.  From their speed and distance theyíll hit her at the same time.  Eve letís them get close then jumps into the air, goes into a split and kicks them hard.  They fly back through the air like cartoon characters and land in the dirt, moaning in pain.


Three down, three to go before she takes Tarsus.  The next man approaches Eve with more caution.  He has a dagger in his left hand and a feral grin on his ugly face.  He takes several swipes at her, which she easily dodges.


He lunges at Eve with the dagger, attempting to take her left leg out.  Eve steps to her right and his arm sticks straight out in front of her.  She grabs his wrist, drops to her right knee and drives the palm of her right hand into his elbow, breaking his arm at the elbow.  He screams in pain and falls away from her.





Eve turns just as the archer fires the arrow.  She catches it and holds it up.  He begins re-loading for another shot.  The two men she had kicked before are back on their feet and prepare to attack.  Tarsus begins to laugh at her situation.



Itís about time we got serious boys.


Eve holds up the arrow, looking at the sharp arrowhead.  A smile spreads across her face like guilty pleasure.  A lot like a dieter would look eating a candy bar.  Sheís enjoying it even though she knows she shouldnít be doing it.


Fade Out.

End of Act Two.




                            Family Tree-Act Three


Fade In


Eve throws the arrow with all her strength, and it sticks in the archerís throat.  He falls to the ground, dead, and Macon screams.



No!  He was my brother you bitch!


Macon charges her from her right.  Eve letís him get close then drives her right foot into his left knee, spraining it. Tarsus is starting to get nervous, now that his men arenít winning like he thought they would.  Macon throws his dagger at Eve, and she leans back just as it whizzes past her throat and it sticks in the chest of a man charging her left.  He falls to the ground dead. 


The last man charges her.  Tarsus holds up a hand to him, ordering to hold his position.  He faces Eve with one arm across his chest as he strokes his stubbly face with the other. 



I underestimated you.  It wonít

happen again.


Eve and Tarsus begin to circle one another.  Tarsus draws his sword and Eve follows suit.  They continue to circle, the tips of their blades touching.  Tarsus moves on Eve and they clash blades for a long time in a vicious fight, but neither is able to disarm the other.  They step back, sweat gleaming on their brow and panting from the effort of their duel.



Damn youíre good.




Iím flattered, considering youíre

a man of such exceptional fighting

skill Tarsus.


The sarcasm is missed by Tarsus who grins at her stupidly, and Eve suddenly sweeps her sword under him, knocking him onto his back.  Once he is on the ground, Eve stomps a foot into his rib and he howls out in pain. Tarsus attempts to use his sword to run Eve through while she is standing over him, but she easily deflects the blow with her own sword.  Calantha becomes concerned when she sees this and runs over to save her mate from death at ďLiviaísĒ hands.



No! Youíre not taking him

from me too!


Calantha attempts to jump onto Eveís back, but Eve rolls the girl off her.  Calantha takes a swing at Eve who ducks it, and though she hates to do this, Eve backhands Calantha, knocking her to the ground.  Tarsus is now on his feet and he uses his sword to try and take Eveís head off.  Eve ducks, and while she is bent over Tarsus brings his knee up into her face and follows through with a kick to her gut.  Eve goes flying back and lands in the dirt, a hand to her wounded stomach.


Tarsus advances on her and Eve comes up with a howl of sheer rage.  Sheís pissed now and is no longer playing games.  They face each other again, and Tarsus only grins at her rage.  He laughs in her face, not realizing the danger involved in Eve losing her temper. 



Ooh.  You look really pissed little girl.



Iíll show you little girl.


Eve takes her sword and swings it across the blade of Tarsus sword so hard his blade breaks in half.



Can a little girl do that?


While Tarsus is looking at his broken blade in shock, Eve sheathes her own weapon and belts out punch after punch across Tarsusí jaw, pushing him back with the sheer force of the blows.  She finishes with a solid kick to his groin, then drops and sweeps her foot around, knocking him to his knees.



Can a little girl do that?


Eve grabs a handful of Tarsus hair and jerks his head back.



Can a little girl rip the throat of

a money-grubbing swine in under a



Tarsus is completely at Eveís mercy now.   As they look into one anotherís eyes, Eve sees the fear burning in his eyes, which have blood running into them from their battle.  She looks at all the cuts and bruises she has put on his face and calms down.



No.  A little girl couldnít.  Neither can Eliís

Messenger.    You may never believe this Tarsus,

but I am not Livia.  If I were, you and

every last one of your men would be dead

by now.  Iíve changed.  I can do this

world a lot of good as a free woman.

Thatís exactly what I intend to do.


Eve looks to Calantha, who is still on the ground. 



Iím sorry I hurt you and your family.

I hope one day you can find it within

yourself to forgive me.


From Tarsusí POV we see the villagers standing around and staring at him with looks of pity on their faces.  Blood pours from his lip and rage builds within him.  He is ready to do whatever it takes to take Eve in for the money he can get for her capture, and if that means hurting an innocent, or even killing them, he will.  Tarsusí eyes fall on Maya, and Eve walking toward her.  With a cry of determination mixed with other high emotions like rage and the pain of his wounds, Tarsus grabs the hilt of his broken blade and comes up off his knees.  In slow motion we see Tarsus run past Eve and head straight for Maya.  Eve sees his plans a little too late.





Tarsus dives for the little girl who stands frozen in fear, looking at this bleeding mad man charge her.  She drops the doll to the dusty ground and screams as he lands on his feet, agile as a cat and sweeps her into his arms.  He puts the sharp end of whatís left of his sword against Mayaís throat.  Calantha sees this and is even disturbed.  She shakes her head no and comes to stand beside Eve.



Tarsus!  What are you doing?  Sheís

just a child!



Shut up Calantha.  I have to give

Eve a reason to come with us.

Cooperate Eve, or the brat bites the dust.



Ok.  Just put her down.



Calantha, take her weapons and

chain her to the wagon. Then

get in with her.  Do it!


Calantha moves to do as told, and once Eve is chained and put in the wagon, Tarsus lets Maya go.  Eve looks deeply into Calanthaís eyes once the wagon is under way.



This is the man you love?



Heís no worse than you

ever were Livia.


Tarsus looks into the rear of the wagon where Eve is and winks at Calantha.



Olynthus is a long way from here

sweetheart.  Be careful with her

back there.



Oh, I intend to be.


Tarsus drives the wagon out of the village with his remaining men following on horseback. 



Cut to: Torone.


Virgil sits on the front porch of his home.  It is the afternoon of the second day of his powers.  He is thinking of all he has seen and everything that has happened to him.  Virgil looks down at his hands and begins talking to himself.



If only I could use my powers

to go back and save my father.

(Virgil looks to the sky)

Iím praying to whoever will listen.

I still donít believe what Phobos

has told me.


Phobos appears on the side of the house, out of Virgilís site, and listens to his prayers.




I just donít know what to believe.

Who is my father?  Where do I

come from?  (Pause) No matter

what, I wonít kill Eve.  Iíve forgiven

her, and nothing will change that.



Donít count on it.  Brother.


Just as Phobos disappears a villager walks past Virgilís house, nodding to Virgil.  Virgil immediately recognizes him as the man heíd saved in the past when viewing one of Liviaís battles.  He was older, but it was the same man.  His name is Daniel.



Hi there.  Virgil right?



(to himself)

Heís supposed to be deadÖ



What was that?



Nothing.  You look thirsty. Come

on up, and Iíll get us something

to drink.


Time elapse


Virgil and Daniel sit on the front porch of Virgilís home, drinking what looks like lemonade.



Thanks.  Itís gotten hot since this morning.



Yeah. I donít recall seeing you

move into town.



I believe you were away in Athens

when I moved in.  The townspeople

said that you were mourning the loss

of your father.  I understand that.

I lost my family to Livia too.



I know.


Daniel gives him a suspicious look.



Howís that?



Youíd be surprised.  Tell me

about it.



I prayed to the gods to save us,

but I was one of the only few who

escaped.  This Roman soldier

was about to-



Run you through, but he suddenly

hesitated and you killed him. I know.



How do you know that?



Because Iím the god that saved you.


Off Daniels confused expression-

Cut to:


Mt.  Olympus.


Phobos appears in Discords old quarters on Mt.  Olympus.  He waves his hand before a wall and it fades away to show a shelf full of black bottles with different names scribbled on tiny plaques beneath them. Phobos studies them.



Theyíre all in disorder.  Thatís just

like you Discord.  Letís seeÖanger,

blind rage, hate, confusionÖah.  Here

we are.  Aggression.  Perfect.


Phobos snatches the bottle and fades away.


Cut back to: Virgil and Daniel



So youíre the son of Ares, and

you saved me. I owe you my life.

Thank you.



Youíre welcome. 



Well, I have to go.






Iím closing up my shop.  I havenít

had the business or the equipment

to keep it running properly. 


Virgil watches him walk away, but calls out to him.  Son of Ares or not, he has the powers of a god.  He might as well start using them.



Let me help you.






Weíll work something out.


Virgil heads off with Daniel toward his shop, but Phobos appears before them, blocking their way.



Virgil. I need to talk to you.



Not now Phobos.  Iím busy.



This canít wait.  Go on Daniel.

Youíll have all your new equipment

when you get back to your shop.



But I was-



Now Virgil!


Virgil hesitates at his rage, and nods for Daniel to continue, which he does.



Look at you. Wasting your time on

pathetic mortals when you could learn

to use your gifts and become great!


Phobos takes out the bottle of Aggression and tosses the contents on Virgil.  It spills out in a toxic black cloud, surrounding him.





Now.  You know what you have

to do, donít you? 



What are you doing to me?



Freeing you from your puerile sense

of morality.  Youíre child-like in your

innocence Virgil.  I canít allow that

to go on.  You must avenge Joxer.



No.  Stop it!  I wonít hurt Eve.



You will!  You will avenge the gods.

Theyíre your family too Virgil! Iím

your family! Avenge us! Avenge us!


Under the Aggression spell Virgil is unable to control his temper.  He screams in rage and slams his fist forward, hitting Phobos in the chest.  The god of fear goes flying back in the air, slamming into a tree and sliding to the ground, nearly unconscious.  Virgil stares at Phobos, breathless with rage, and fades away. 


Cut to


Ext.  Road-Eve and Calantha


Eve and Calantha ride in the rear of a wagon toward Olynthus, while Tarsus talks quietly in the front with the driver.  Their voices are too quiet to really hear.



What are you looking at?



You.  Youíre not at all like Virgil

believes you are.  I mean, you were

cold the first time we met butÖ



Well, I have you to thank for

that. Donít I?



No. You have Livia to thank for it.



How convenient for you.  You

change your name and suddenly all

your past sins are supposed to be

forgiven and forgotten.



Not forgotten.  Just forgiven. Everyone

deserves a chance to change.  And about

your father. You may not believe it, but I

really am sorry for what happened to him.


Calantha looks away, anger and bitterness twisting her beautiful face. 



When we get to Olynthus I hope they

stone you.  If they do, Iíll cast the first

one.  I hate you.



Youíve said that already.






Iím beginning to wonder if you hate

me as much as you hate the woman

youíre becoming.



And what am I becoming?




Everything I used to be as Livia.

Youíre letting your anger turn to bitterness

and its eating away the goodness in your

soul.  You used to be filled with light.

I hurt you and nowÖNow that light is fading.



Itís your fault.  You did this to me.



Imagine your soul as a goblet.  Itís

filling with hatred.  Right now your anger

is hurting no one but you, but if you donít

empty your soul of that hate it will spill

over the brim and youíll begin to hurt others

in an effort to find relief from your pain.

At first youíll think its working. Then after

awhile no amount of blood you shed will

wash away your tears. And when that

happens you will have lost your very soul.


Calantha is looking at Eve again.  Not with anger, but with fear, and we see in her eyes she knows what Eve is saying is true. 



Forgive me Calantha.  Not for me

but for yourself. Forgive before you

become the next Livia.


Close up on Calantha.

Fade Out.  End of Act Three.




Family Tree-Act Four


Fade In

Int.  Tavern


Virgil enters a tavern in another town and takes a seat at the bar.  Heís clearly changed, and his eyes have gone completely black.  The pretty barmaid pulls him a mug of mead, and hands it over to him.


Another man in the tavern notices the waitress and makes a rude comment.



Damn.  Iíd like to get some of her.


His friends laugh, and Virgil manages to ignore them and strikes up a conversation with the bar maid.



Whatís your name?



Tisiphone.  Yours?



Virgil.  I just moved here a couple

of months ago.



(feigning being offended)

Oh.  If youíve been here for

two whole months, then why

is this the first time Iíve seen you?


They lean in close to one another, and the men in the bar donít like it.



Tisiphone was one of the Furies.



I know, but unlike her, Iím very, very

much alive. 


The man with the rude comment before stands up, wavering on his feet.



Look here. The newcomer thinks

he can just come in and take our women!



Your woman?  Tisiphone, are you his woman?



Gods no.



Get lost then.  Sheís talking to me.


The man comes up and grabs onto Virgilís hair, pulling him off the stool. He punches Virgil, sending him falling back into the crowd.  If Virgil wasnít under the aggression spell, he may have been able to control himself, but he canít now.  Phobos appears, standing on the bar, visible only to Virgil



Youíre a god Virgil!  Donít let

them push you around like that!


The man comes up and runs his sword into Virgilís gut.  He stands there, waiting for Virgil to collapse, but when he doesnít, the others in the bar quit cheering and step back.  Virgil begins to laugh and the man looks at him in fear.



What are you?



Iím Virgil.  Son of Ares.  Iím a god!


Virgil throws an energy ball at the man and it punches through his chest, killing him.  Tisiphone runs out of the back and Virgil goes crazy in a rage, throwing energy ball after energy ball, destroying the place, all under the approving laugh of Phobos.


One man runs too close to Virgil and he picks him up by the throat.  In Virgilís eyes, the mans face turns to Livia, and he sees himself in the temple in Eliís temple from ďEveĒ.  Xena holds him back, telling him to put the sword down.



Not this time Xena.  Not this time.


Virgil snaps ďLiviaísĒ neck, and drops him to the ground. He looks up at Phobos on the bar.



The next time I see Livia, Iím

going to kill her.



Spoken like a true son of Ares.

Iím proud of youÖbrother.


Virgil fades away, leaving a very satisfied Phobos in the middle of the left over destruction in the Tavern.


Cut to:  Village of Mende


Tarsus and his remaining companion Macon pull the wagon into the village of Mende.  This village too is celebrating the festival of Aphrodisia, and the party is in full swing.



All right! Weíre gonna party tonight.

Weíll take watching Eve in shifts.  Cally,

baby.  Would you mind if we go and

look for some rooms and food?


Calantha is obviously depressed and she nodds, sadly.



Whatever.  Just come back soon. I

donít want to get stuck here with her

all night.


Tarsus kisses her cheek.



I wouldnít dream of it.  Come on.



Calantha, nature is calling.



Donít try anything stupid Eve.



You have my word.



Your word.  Right.


Calantha lowers the tailgate and pulls her out.


Ext. Village


Tarsus watches his companion go off with a woman into the crowd, then turns to another young woman.



What do you say we lose this crowd

and worship Aphrodite the way she

was meant to be worshiped?


The woman laughs and runs a hand over Tarsus muscular chest.



Come with me to my fathers barn.



Nothiní like a good ole fashioned

roll in the hey.


Ext. Wagon.


Calantha puts Eve in the wagon and chains her.  She also has a basket with food and wine and they begin to eat.  Eve devours her food, but Calantha only picks at hers.



We havenít eaten all day.  Arenít

you hungry?





No, Iím tired.  Where is Tarsus?

he should be here by now.



Why donít you lie down?  Iím sure

heíll be back soon.



Not that kind of tired. Iím tired in my soul.



Hatred tires the soul.  I know first hand.



Like you care about my soul.




I do Calantha.  I really do.



What made you a monster?


Eve puts her food down and looks at her seriously.



I lost everyone I knew and loved. I

ended up following Ares and he

taught me how to become the ultimate

killer.  I thought it was love he was

showing me.  I see thatís not so now.



Calantha sees the man theyíve been riding with walk by with an arm around a woman, and Calantha becomes suspicious when she doesnít see Tarsus.



He wouldnít. 






Tarsus.  He wouldnít cheat on me.


Calantha gets out of the wagon and takes off into the crowd.  When sheís gone, Eve begins trying to pick her lock.


Ext. Crowd


Calantha pushes herself  through the crowd.  People annoyingly block her path, laughing and praising Aphrodite.  She only wants to get to Tarsus and make sure what she thinks might be happening isnít happening.  Before she loses her resolve to go through with turning Eve in.


She finally makes it through the crowd and scans for Tarsus.  She hears the sound of passion coming from a barn and follows the sound until she comes to a barn.


She opens the door to find Tarsus wrapped around some woman.



Tarsus!  You promised me you

would never do this again!



Calantha!  Uh-look. This isnít.



You said you werenít married!



You bastard!


Calantha takes off and Tarsus follows her, pulling on his clothes.


Ext.  Wagon


Eve hasnít had any luck with her locks when Calantha returns, weeping.



Whatís wrong?  What happened?



He was doing just what I though

he was doing.  HeísÖ



Heís a no good liar? 



(forcing the tears to stop)

Exactly.  Come on Eve. Weíre

getting out of here.  Iím a long

way from forgiving you butÖI donít

hate you like I did. Itís what

Dad would have wanted.



Thank you.


Calantha takes Eveís sword and breaks Eveís chains, then they unhook the horses from the wagon.


They are mounting up when Tarsus catches up to them. 




Cally!  Wait!  Iím sorry baby. I

didnít mean it.  Iíve got a real problem.



You sure as hell do.


Calantha does her best to run him over as she and Eve ride out of town, heading back home.


Ext. Torone-Day


Eve and Calantha come riding into Torone.


The day is sunny and warm the next day as Eve and Calantha come riding into Virgilís village, giving no indication anything is wrong.  Virgil comes outside to greet them, his face a mask of pure, unadulterated hatred for Eve.





Virgil?  Whatís wrong?



Virgil, I have good news. Iíve

made my peace with Eve.



So youíve fooled her into believing your

ďIíve changedĒ story huh?







Calantha, get in the house.



Virgil, whatís the matter with you?



I said get in the house!


Without waiting for Calantha to obey, Virgil throws a fireball right at Eve and she is forced to fall back into the saddle of her horse to avoid it.



Whatís going on?


Phobos appears next to Virgil as Eve dismounts.



Phobos.  It figures.  Youíve made

Virgil a corrupt god?



Youíve got the nerve to call me corrupt?

Iím going to avenge Joxer and my

Olympian father.



Weíve made our peace Virgil



I wonít be at peace until youíre dead.


Eve draws her sword.



You know you hopelessly outmatch

me, now that youíre a god.


Virgil takes a swing at Eve.   She drops into a split and drives her right fist into his groin.  As Virgil is bent over from the force of the blow, Eve lies back, brings both feet up and into Virgilís face, which knocks him backwards.  She immediately flips backwards onto her feet, then jumps into the air in a forward flip.  While she is in the air, she kicks him five times in the face, then does a back flip off his face and lands on her feet, facing him. He is unaffected by this unfortunately for Eve.



That was fancy. But itís not enough.


Virgil throws energy ball after energy ball after her but she dodges them all.  She Flips behind a wagon, but Virgil waves a hand over it and it fades away, leaving her exposed.  Eve has no choice but to make a run for it.


Virgil spreads his arms as Eve runs for it out of the village.  As he does, a wind kicks up around him.  Eveís run slows, then she begins to struggle to continue forward.  Phobos watches with interest and Calantha runs up to her brother.



Virgil!  What are you doing?



Bringing her to me.  Iím going

to avenge Joxerís death.



Eve begins to tumble back toward him until sheís flying through the air toward him.  Finally, she is close enough for Virgil to reach down and grab.  He takes her by the neck with his left hand and hauls her to her feet, and then a sword appears in his right hand.  It was Joxerís sword.



Virgil, donít!


Virgil and Eve look deeply into one anotherís eyes, then Virgil does the unthinkable.  He runs the sword through Eve.  She falls to the ground, dying, and Phobos begins to clap.



You did it Virgil.  You avenged the

Olympian gods.  You avenged Joxer.

Now that thatís doneÖI no longer need



Phobos holds his hand up and blows a white powder into his face.  The powder surrounds him like a cloud, and when it faces, Virgil is not only out from under the aggression spell, heís mortal again.



Easy come, easy go.


He fades away, leaving Virgil to face what he has done.



Calantha.  Tell GabrielleÖTell her I

love her.



I will I promise I will.



What have I done?  God, what

have I done?



VirgilÖYouíre back to your old self. 



Eve, Iím sorry. Iím so sorry. He

used me toÖHe used me to kill you.



I forgive you Virgil.



Eveís eyes close and she sighs out her last breath. 




Int.  Underworld-Eve


Eve steps off the boat, leaving behind a very silent Charon. She is on a platform and before her are three different paths.  A woman appears before her, dressed in royal robes. She is the wife of Hades, young and beautiful.  Her name is Persephone. She is now the ruler of the underworld because Hades is dead.  She gives Eve a hateful stare.



Eve. It looks like your hour has

come Ďround at last.



Who are you?



My name is Persephone.  I lost

my husband because of you, and

I intend to spend eternity making

you regret you were ever born.


Persephone motions at three dark caves.  Each cave entrance leads to a different world.  In the cave to the far left Eve can see the beauty of the Elysian Fields. In the middle is a gray world that is neither paradise nor Tartarus.  The third is dark and frightening, with images of tortured souls inside.



Guess which one you get. Cerberus!


Hadesí three headed dog appears behind Eve and she dashes for the Elysian Fields.  She only bounces off the surface.  The same thing happens when she tries to get to the Asphodel Meadows.  Cerberus charges her and shoves her through the entrance to Tartarus where Eve falls over the edge of a pit.  She barely manages to grab the edge before she goes into a free fall.  Persephone appears in front of her.



Iím going to personally persecute

you for all of eternity.


Close up on Eve hanging over the edge of the pit.  Fade Out. 

The end.