Blood Brother

Written by (copywright):  Caina Q.  Fuller

Episode #4 in ďThe MessengerĒ series.





Fade In


Int-Tunnels of Tartarus


Close up on the booted feet of a mysterious woman as she walks toward the camera.  The camera glides up the womanís figure until it reaches her face.  We see it is Persephone, wife of Hades and new ruler of the underworld in her husbandís absence. 


She makes her way through the tunnels of Tartarus.  To her left is a pit where CONDEMNED SOULS are being kept.  One soul attempts to pull himself out, and as his hand reaches over the surface we see it is covered in snakes. 


Condemned Man

Persephone! Help me please!


Persephone cruelly kicks him in the face as she passes, sending him plummeting back down to unknowable depths.  On her right are chambers full of tortured men and women.   Demon-like creatures are beating some while others are being burned with hot pokers.


Persephone turns a corner and comes to a rock wall and waves her hand over the surface.  It becomes transparent and we see Eve lies on a smooth floor.  The room is round and large, with rock walls as smooth as polished steel.  In the center of the room is an empty pedestal.


Eveís attention is captured by images playing out on the ceiling of Callisto fighting Xena. She also watches Livia raid villages and murder innocent villagers.  Persephone decides to spice up Eveís torment with a little subliminal suggestion.



Eve.  Itís hot in this room. Very hot.


Eve reacts as the room suddenly becomes hot.  Sweat pours from her face and she looks around for the source of the intense heat, even though she cannot see Persephone.  A glass of icy cold water appears on the pedestal in the center of the room, but when Eve moves for it the floor disappears from beneath her feet and she barely manages to catch the edge as she falls in.  Eve pulls herself out just as hissing snakes come out to bite at her bare heels.  The floor seals shut behind her.  Eve tries again but the same thing happens.



You must have the water Eve.

Donít give up.


Eve eases her way toward the water.  This time the floor holds and she manages to wrap her hands around the glass, which is covered in cool condensation.  But just as Eve is bringing it to her lips the water turns to blood and she screams in horror and disappointment.





She stares at the blood in disgust, but her thirst gets the better of her and she gulps it down.  When she does she begins to choke and gag, and after awhile of writhing on the floor in misery she calms.



Iím even thirstier than I was before.

Somebody help me!


Persephone begins to laugh, relishing Eveís torment.


                                                                                                              Dissolve to:


Ext-Elysian Fields


MARCUS, Xenaís old lover, makes his way through the beautiful, grassy fields of paradise.  A sword hangs on his back though he doesnít really need it here.  The handsome warrior looks about, searching for someone though he isnít successful finding him. Finally he stops a passerby.



Have you seen him?



I think I saw him going to Tartarus

again.  Maybe an hour ago?


Marcus sighs with pure irritation and takes off for an exit. 


Cut to


Int-Tunnels of Tartarus

Marcus rounds a corner to find another handsome young man with a fighting staff fighting off four condemned souls of Tartarus.  One by one he defeats them by shoving them back into the pit they are climbing out of.  The young man is SOLON, Xenaís son.  He looks to be about 21 now.  Heís got short, sandy brown hair and blue eyes, and his form with the staff is superb. When Solon is finished with the condemned souls, Marcus draws his sword. 



What have I told you about coming

here without back up?  This place is




Actually, itís not as dangerous as

you think.  These people look forward

to my visits.



And how is that?



I bring them food and water.  They

feel like fighting better on a full



Marcus rolls his eyes at this news and begins to try and talk some sense into Solon.



Thereís a reason these ďpeopleĒ as you

call them are in here.  They led horrible

lives on Earth. 



If I know my history right so did you.  But

look where you are Marcus.  All because

someone loved you.  Someone showed

you mercy. 


Marcus recants a little and his anger subsides.  The young man is right after all.  Had Xena not loved him as much as she did, heíd be rotting in this place along with the same souls that Solan was fighting now.



You are your motherís son, you know




Besides that, I need some excitement.

After awhile even Elysia can become 

hopelessly boring.



(grinning playfully)

You know, sometimes I have half a mind

to toss you in one of those pits myself. Iíll

bet a few hours in there would teach you

not to venture in here alone. 



(good naturedly)

Oh yeah? Then bring it on old man.


Marcus moves in on Solon, a wide grin on his face and his sword in his hand.

                                                                                                                        Cut to:


Int-Eveís Torture Chamber

Eve is staring once more at the scenes on the ceiling when Persephone enters and circles her.



What do you want?



I want to see you suffer of course.



Canít you do that from the

comfort of your own chambers?



Yes, but itís not nearly as entertaining

as seeing your pain up close.  Itís a lot

like making love.  Watching others is

entertaining.  Actually doing it is even better.


Eve jumps to her feet, angry.



You want some thrills Persephone?

Iíve got plenty for you. 


Persephone isnít prepared for Eveís sudden attack.  Eve drives her fist across the other womanís face then follows through with a kick to the jaw.  She moves to kick her again but Persephone is ready and she catches Eveís foot. 


Persephone twists Eveís ankle but Eve turns with it and drives her other foot into Persephoneís face.  From there on the new ruler of the underworld is hopelessly outmatched by Eveís skill.  Eve begins beating up on her until Persephone steps back to put some distance between them. 





Hades three headed dog MATERIALIZES before Eve and charges her.  She dodges the dog easily and he goes flying through the wall, leaving a gateway that begins to MELT shut.  Eve begins to run for it.





Persephone dives for her but they both end up falling through the hole and into a pit.

                                                                                                                        Cut to:


Int-Tunnels of Tartarus


Marcus and Solon fight sword to staff, but it doesnít take Marcus too long to cut Solonís staff in half.  When Solon attempts to use the two halves like choboís Marcus grabs each half and yanks Solon to him, hard. Marcus and Solon crash heads and Solon stumbles back in pain.  He is just about to fall into the pit when Marcus grabs him by the collar, saving him.



You make the same mistake

every single time boy.  You

hold the staff too low and when

you spin you leave your center

open for attack.  Depending

on your opponents weapon and

physical strength they can either

disarm you or-


Marcusí lesson is interrupted by the sound of growling and two womenís screams from above.  When they look up, they watch as Cerberus falls from the ceiling and continues down into the pit behind Solon while Persephone and Eve land on the dusty floor at Marcus and Solonís feet.  There is the distinctive sound of breaking bones when Persephone lands atop Eve.


Solon looks down into Eveís eyes, which are full of pain, and an image of Xena is superimposed over her face.  Solon recognizes her immediately as who she is: His sister.





Persephone stands, uninjured, and Solon kneels beside his sister to examine her. Eveís body is slowly covering with bruises from the injuries she sustained in the fall with Persephone.



Youíre going to be alright.



Who are you?



My name is Solon.  Iím your brother.


Close up on Eveís shocked expression.

Fade Out.

End of Teaser


Blood Brother-Act 1


Fade In on-Persephone

Persephone stands over Eve and Solon



Step away from her Solon.  You

shouldnít even be in Tartarus.  You

know that.



What has she done to deserve

eternal damnation?


Persephone gives a bitter laugh.  She knows Solon is oblivious to Eveís past as Livia as well as her role in the death of the Olympian gods.



You donít want to know that Solon.

Trust me.  Now move away from her!


Solon snatches one of the pieces of his staff from Marcus and stands Persephone down when Persephone leans in to grab Eve.  The new Queen of the underworld stares at him in almost comical shock, for she is not used to the souls she governs challenging her in this fashion.



I wonít let you torture her.



You have a good heart Solon. I know

you come in here to try and offer these

scum relief by giving them food and

water.  I also understand sheís your sister,

but if you donít get out of my

way I will condemn you to eternity

in Tartarus with her.   Do you want that?


Marcus may not want Solan coming into Tartarus the way he does, but he loves Solan like the boy was his own son, and heís not about to stand by and allow Persephone to try and bully him.



Hades decreed that no good soul

should ever lose his place in Paradise.



Well, Hades isnít here now is he? 

Thanks to her and her bitch mother Xena.

I rule the underworld now and the

rules have changed.  Step back Solon.



No, I donít think so.  Marcus,

If youíre truly my friendÖ



Say no more son.  Run with her. Iíll

hold this so called goddess off.


Marcus draws his sword and Persephone backs away in surprise, more than a little touch of anxiety on her face.  All sheíd wanted to do was have a little fun torturing Eve, not start a war with two warriors she didnít have the skill to deal with. What had started out as a game was quickly turning into a coup.



You two are making a big mistake.

                                    Neither of you want me for an enemy.



Sheís right. I deserve what Iím

getting.  Go on now. I can take

care of myself.



Shhh.  Your bones are broken.  This is

going to hurt, so get ready.


Solon picks Eve up and she screams in pain.  Every bone in her body was shattered by the long fall into the cavern, and her body feels like mush in his strong arms.  Solon takes off with Eve down the tunnels of Tartarus, heading for the healing waters of the Elysian Fields.



Cerberus! Find them.  As for you

MarcusÖI think you should take

on someone who can match

your skill.  Draco!

                                                                                                                        Cut to:

Draco.  Draco fights off another condemned soul inside one of the pits of Tartarus.  He is dressed in rags and caked with dirt, but when he hears Persephoneís voice he begins to DISSOLVE.


                                                                                                                        Cut to:

Draco APPEARS beside Marcus wearing his old outfit from Xena. He looks at his clean body in a mixture of confusion and relief.



Cut him up into little pieces Draco.  Heíll

be spending eternity here in Tartarus.


Draco looks Marcus over then stares Persephone down hatefully.



I have nothing against this man

Persephone.  Why should I help you?



Thatís right.  Her husband put you

in Tartarus.  You owe her nothing.



((rolling her eyes in exasperation)

You should help me because you

will be rewarded an eternal place

in the Asphodel Meadows.



Asphodel Meadows huh?

(looks Marcus over)

Itís not paradise, but it beats

Tartarus any day.  Sorry friend, but

I have to think of my future.  Itís nothing

personal, I assure you.



Believe me, I understand.  I just

Hope that you understand that I

also have my future to consider?

Iíll fight you.



(grinning evilly)

Iíd be sorely disappointed if you didnít.


                                                                                                                        Dissolve To:


A Gateway to the Elysian Fields


Solon holds Eve as he stares at the Gate to the Elysian Fields.



Solon, you shouldnít be doing this. 

Iím not worth it, believe me.


Youíre family.  That makes you worth

it to me.



I donít want you to lose your place in

paradise for me.  Please take me

back to Persephone.  Maybe sheíll

forgive you-



Persephone is an anal-retentive bitch

who takes a sick pleasure in torturing her

victims. She wasnít always like that but sheís

changed recently.



Thatís because of me.



No, itís the way she chooses to be.  No more

talk of guilt huh?  I have a plan in mind to get

you out of here.  But firstÖ



First what?



I can smell doggie breath.


Cerberus comes charging from the left and Solon barely ducks before the beast tackles him.  Each move he makes with Eve causes her incredible pain because of her broken bones.  Without wasting time Solon lays Eve down, holds out his right hand and a crossbow appears.  When Cerberus charges him again, Solon takes aim at the center head.



Sorry boy, but you leave me no choice.


Solon fires the crossbow and it sticks in the right eye of the center head.  The dog begins to whine and yelp, as he takes off in the opposite direction, running for his mistress.  Solon picks Eve up again.



Itís time to mend your broken bones.

come on.


Solon picks his sister up and continues on with her into the Elysian Fields.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Dissolve To:

Virgilís stables-Morning


Virgil sits in the loft of his stables, watching some villagers build the pyre for Eveís funeral.  Beside him is Eveís body, wrapped from head to toe with only her face showing.  There is a rustle behind him and Virgil turns to find Calantha climbing the ladder behind him.



Virgil?  I have some fruits cut for

your breakfast.  Why donít you

come down and eat something huh? 



Thanks sis, but Iím not hungry.  Go

on without me.



Sheís been gone for two days.  It

feels a lot longer than that somehow.


Virgil studies his sister,s profile as she looks down on Eveís peaceful face.



She killed our father then turned around

and save you from a life long mistake. 

Amazing what one person can do isnít it?



Yes it is.  Thatís what I feel every time I think

of Eliís God and what the power of his love

can do to change us.  Virgil, this isnít your

fault.  Phobos did this.  Why donít you eat?

Just a little something?



I canít.  I just canít.



All right.  Iíll be in the house.  Youíve

left it a mess you know.  I feel

sorry for your future wife, whoever she is.


Calantha leaves and when she does Virgil strokes Eveís face as he breaks down into tears.


                                                                                                                        Cut to:

Off of Virgilís face


Ext. The surface of a lake

A body splashes into the water.  The camera pulls back to show Solon dipping his sister into the water of a lake.  When she comes up she is clean and all of her wounds are healed.



There.  Doesnít that feel better?



Oh God.  I feelÖI feel better than I

ever have before.  Itís incredible.



Come on.  Letís get you something to eat

and then you can tell me all about how you

ended up here while we start working to get

you out of here.


                                                                                                                        Cut To:

Marcus and Draco clash swords while Persephone strides down the tunnel.  She is heading towards the Elysian Fields after Eve.



Listen, Draco.  We should work

together.  Persephone is going to condemn

an innocent boy to Tartarus just

because he wants to save his sister.



Look at my face.  Do I look like the type

to care about such things?



I used to be like you. Then someone

changed me.  You may know her. Xena.


At Xenaís name Marcus gives a howl of RAGE and tries to behead Marcus. 



That bitch convinced Cupid to

allow a love spell to stay on me!  I spent

my entire life pining after her sidekick

Gabrielle. I never found love again

because of that! I died barely a year

after they did because I was distracted

by grief over Gabrielle.  I hate Xena!



Ok.  Wrong example then.


Draco tackles Marcus and they go falling into another room, off camera. 


                                                                                                                        Cut to:

Persephone-Tunnels of Tartarus


Persephone makes her way through the tunnels of Tartarus until she reaches the gate to the Elysian Fields. When she does she hears the sound of a whining dog.  Cerberus comes toward her, pawing at the arrow in his eye.



Cerberus!  What has Solon done to

you?  You poor thing.  Come here.

Let Mama help you.


Persephone removes the arrow and lays her hand over the wound and heals it. 



Donít worry boy.  You will have your

revenge soon enough.  Go to my quarters.

Iíll deal with Solon and Eve.


                                                                                                                        Cut To:


Off of Persephoneís face

Solon and Eve make their way through the beautiful fields of Elysia.  Eve tears up an apple hungrily, and gulps down juice from a decanter.



Weíre almost there.  Once youíre

inside I need you to stay where I put

you while I find Marcus.  If this plan is going

to work Iím going to need him.



Are you sure about this?  I mean, once

Iím gone youíll still have to stay here.

Thereís no telling what she will do to you

and Marcus for helping me.



You let me worry about that.  Iíve tasted

paradise and I donít plan to let it go

that easily.  Tell me something sister.

How is mother?



Isnít she here?


A look of panic claims Solanís face at these words.



Here? Why would she be here?



Mother is dead Solon.  I thought

you would have been re-united

with her by now. 



Your mother was probably sentenced

to a fate worse than Tartarus. She

deserves every bit of what she gets too.


Eve and Solon turn to find Persephone glaring at them.  With her are about fifteen guards.   Each man is armed with swords and throwing knives.




End of Act One


Blood Brother-Act 2

Fade In-Eve and Solon


Eve and Solon stare down Persephone and her guards.



You have a choice here Solon:

You can surrender Eve and keep

your place in the Elysian Fields, or,

you can resist and I take Eve anyway.

If I have to go through the trouble

youíd better believe Iím sentencing

you to Tartarus.  Whatís  it going to be?



Iíll take my chances in Tartarus.



No, you wonít.  Iíll come with you




But Eve sheís-



No.  Iím not going to allow you

to throw away your future in

paradise for me.  I know we donít

know each other very well, but I

feel a bond with you. I wonít let

you sacrifice yourself for me.


Eve hugs Solon then turns to Persephone.



Iíll come with you Persephone.  Just

leave Solon alone.



Youíre being so noble I could

just lose my lunch.


Persephone nods at her guards.



He defied me.  Now youíll both

be spending the rest of eternity

together. In Tartarus.


Seeing that Persephone openly intends to betray the deal she made only seconds ago, Solon hold out his hands and a pair of Saiís appear.  He looks sheepishly at Eve who is staring at him.



What can I say?  Gabrielle is

my hero. 


He holds his hand out for a sword.  When it appears he gives it to her.



Remember, everybody here is

dead so youíre not killing anyone.



Solon and Eve fight off Persephoneís guards.  Whenever the guards receive a ďfatalĒ blow they turn to dust.  When it becomes clear that Eve and Solon are superior to her guards Persephone begins to throw fireballs at them, but itís useless.  Solon uses his Saiís to deflect them back at her.  One of them hits Persephone squarely in the chest, sending her flying back.





Solon and eve take off into the trees.  When Persephone sits up from her place on the ground they are gone.



Damn you Solon!


                                                                                                                        Cut To:


Off Persephoneís face to Marcus


Marcus and Draco are still battling it out.  Marcus finally gets the upper hand and runs Draco through, sticking him to the wall.  He then takes off, heading for the Elysian Fields to find Solon and Eve.



Thatís right, run.  Coward!


Int.  Tunnels

Marcus rounds a corner in the Tunnels and faces the gate.  He is just about to go in when guards march by. 



Persephone wants us to find

Marcus before Solon can join

forces with him again.  When we

get our hands on him weíre to

cut him up and let him spend

eternity in pieces.  Search every

inch of Tartarus then move on to

the Asphodel Meadows.  Move out!





                                                                                                                        Dissolve to:


Caverns-Elysian Fields


Solon leads Eve to a secret hiding place in some caves.  Inside one of the many cave entrances, is a garden with a pool and a table laden with food.



This is where I used to watch

mother.  I havenít been here

for awhile.  Where could her

soul be?



I donít know, but we will find it

someday.  I promise.  Thank you

for all youíre doing for me Solon.



Hey, what are big brothers for?

Pay her a visit.


Eve frowns when Solon is gone, confused about what he meant by paying her mother a visit. 



Pay her a visit?


Yeah.  You canít see her

now but you can see visions of her

past. The way she was when

I knew her.



Iíll do that.  Be careful.





                                                                                                Cut to:


Ext-Village of Torone-Virgil


Virgil stands before the funeral pyre that some villagers are making for Eveís funeral. 



Itís not your fault Virgil.  Phobos

did this.



He used what was in my heart

against Eve.  Thatís what really




Maybe, but you canít continue

to blame yourself like this.  Its

eating you up inside, I can see it.



                                                Shouldnít it Calantha? I committed




You were used by a selfish, revenge-minded

god Virgil.  You know what I think? I think Eve

would want you to forgive yourself.  I know she

doesnít hate you.



Itís not just Eve Calantha.  She

the last of Xenaís family.  How am

ever going to face Gabrielle?



Like the man you are.  Tell Gabrielle

the truth.  If sheís anything like her

reputation, sheíll forgive you.


                                                                                                            Cut to:


Off of Virgilís face-Tartarus

Solon, Saiís at the ready, makes his way through Tartarus.  As he does he barely manages to hide from a group of guard searching for Marcus.  When they are gone, he eases around a corner and comes face to face with Marcus.  They yelp in surprise.



Solon! You scared me to deÖ

never mind.  Whereís Eve?



I left her in my secret garden.  She

wonít be safe there forever

though.  We have to get to the




I thought thatís what you had in mind.

The ambrosia is on earth though.

How do you plan to get to it?



Hades chamber, remember?  It will

allow a soul to appear to anyone on

Earth.  You can communicate with her

friend Virgil.



And how do you propose I do this

without Persephone finding out about it?



Thatís where I come in.



                                                                                                            Cut to:


Draco listens around a corner to Solon and Marcusí conversation with a wicked grin.


                                                                                                                        Cut to:

Off Dracoís evil grin

Int-Persephoneís private chambers


Persephone paces back and forth, wringing her hands in frustration.  In the corner Cerberus watches, sniffing the air and picking up on her frustration. 



This is falling apart Cerberus.

Solon is planning something, I

can feel it.  His mind is every bit

as sharp and devious as his motherís.

Iím willing to bet my place as

Queen of the underworld heís planning on

hiding Eve in the Elysian Fields forever.

Well, Iíll be damned if I let her live in the lap

of luxury after she helped her mother

murder my beloved Hades.



Cerberus growls in agreement while she paces back and forth. 


Ext-Hadesí castle

Solon has climbed the rocks of the castle wall to the only window in the tower, which is at the very top of the castle.  Marcus watches him climb like a nervous mother hen below.  Gently Solon eases himself in.  When he does Cerberus picks up on his sent and begins to growl.



What is it boy?


All three of Cerberusí headís bark at the windowsill where Solon entered.  Persephone eases toward a mace that adorns the walls.  Once she is armed she moves toward the curtain.



All right. Whoever you are, come

out.  Now!


She gasps when Solon emerges from behind he curtains.  His Saiís are sheathed at his waist but he doesnít draw them.



Solon.  Gutsy move coming in here.

GutsyÖbut stupid.  Cerberus!


Cerberus moves to attack, but after having been hurt by Solon so badly he is hesitant.  Solon stomps at him and the dog jumps back, whimpering in fear and this greatly upsets Persephone.






Iím not here to fight Persephone.

Iím here to talk.



About what?  Freeing Eve?  I

will never agree to that.



She told me what happened.  She

told me how because of your husband

and the other gods she had to

grow up without her mother. Ares molded

her into a vicious killer.



Oh, boo-hoo.  Poor child.



Thatís right.  She committed horrible

sins Persephone, thatís true.  But Mom

never would have killed your husband if

he would have just walked away.



Well itís a little too late for that now

isnít it? Heís gone forever.



                                                Itís not Eveís fault.

On the view screen behind Persephone, Marcus moves through the halls of the castle.  Solon is succeeding in distracting her, but Cerberus is watching intently, a low growling starting in the back of his throat. 


                                                                                                                        Cut to:

Int.  Halls

Marcus moves through the castle halls. Finally he reaches a door to the ďChamberĒ that will allow him to communicate with the living.  Before he can reach the door however, Draco appears, blocking his path.



Hello there friend.




Close up on Marcus

Fade out.

End of Act 2


Blood Brother-Act 3

Fade In-Marcus and Draco



I donít have time for this right

now Draco.



I understand that, which is why

Iím going to take you up on

your offer to work together.



For what price?  I have nothing

I can offer you thatís better than

a place in the Asphodel Meadows.



Oh but you will.  Youíre going to the

Chamber to try and communicate

with the living.  You know where

thereís a stash of ambrosia.



And if I agree to resurrect you youíll

keep quiet about me going after

the ambrosia.  Whatís to guarantee

you wonít betray Solon?



Youíll just have to trust me now

wonít you?



Trust you?  Never.



Like you said:  We donít have time

for this. Go and get that ambrosia.  Iím

a man of my word.  When you return

I promise Solon will have some of the

ambrosia as well.  If thereís enough, that is.


                                                                                                            Cut To:

Off of Dracoís face

Eveís hide out


Eve sits on the bench before the table of food.  Before her is a plate with a fish skeleton and other fruit leftoverís.  Eve absentmindedly sucks on her teeth as she gets up and looks around. 



Solon said to pay Mom a visit.

How do I do that?


After a brief search of the garden she comes to the pool and decides to go for a dip. 



I guess Iíll just have to settle for

a swim then.


Eve removes her rags until she is in her underwear and dives into the pool.  As soon as she hits the water she is transported back to Xenaís past.  She is an observer in a small village.  Close enough to touch things but the people around her are unaware of her presence.  Eve turns and when she does, she finds the village has been replaced by a barn.  Inside Xena and Gabrielle are arguing.  It is a scene from ďMaternal InstinctsĒ when Gabrielle first tells Xena hope is alive.



Mother!  Gabrielle? Is that you?



Hope? The child is Hope?



I never meant to lieÖ


Eve watches the scene until Xena runs out after Solon. Eve takes off after her, chasing behind Xena until she watches her mother find Solonís body. 



Oh my God.  I remember this.  I

remember all of this.  Mother I

am so sorry.  Please forgive me.  Callisto!


The site of Xena screaming over Solonís dead body is replaced with Callisto in the cave.  Eve goes up to her, looking at her former incarnation with hatred. 



I hate you.  I hate everything

youíve done.  I hate everything

about you!  Let me out of here!

I donít want to see the pain anymore.


Callistoís image fades to be replaced by ďSeeds of Faith.Ē  Eve watches Xena and the angel Callisto face one another. 



ÖYou gave me this child?


Again she watches Xena accept Callistoís soul into her unborn child.  Fast forward to Eveís birth.  Eve witnesses Hercules fight Zeus off in an effort to save Xena, Eve and Gabrielle. 



You should let him kill me.  I

donít want to relive the pain

anymore.  Please, stop it!


As if the force that is showing her these images is responding to her will, Eve is shown all of the happy moments of her infancy with Xena and Gabrielle. 


Clip-ďGod Fearing ChildĒ Xena looks down at baby Eve ďWeíre gonna be together now Eve.  You and me.Ē


Clip-ďEternal BondsĒ Xena holds Eve while looking for a sign of Gabrielle and Joxerís whereabouts.  When she follows Eveís gaze to the scroll in the air, she laughs at Xenaís words.  ďWell, why didnít you say something?Ē


Clip-ďKindred SpiritsĒ Xena pushes Eve in the swing.




Oh mother.  I love you so much.

This is blissÖ


                                                                                                                        Cut to:


Eve floats in the water with her eyes closed, oblivious to her surroundingís as she is lost in the past.  A smile graces her face as she sinks deeper into the WATERS OF MEMORY.


                                                                                                                        Dissolve to:

Int.  The Chamber

Marcus enters the Chamber.  Itís a room identical to Eveís torture chamber from the beginning of the episode, only where the pedestal was there is a low stone slab.  Marcus cautiously walks up to the slab and steps on it.  When he does nothing happens.  He looks around for anything else in the room to help him operate the stone slab.



(to no one in particular)

Um, Iím looking for a mortal named



Suddenly an image of Virgil and the other villagers of the town lie Eveís body on the pyre.  Marcusí eyes widen in shock at this. 



No!  Donít burn her!


Tight on Virgilís face as he watches the village men lay Eveís body on the pyre.  Suddenly there is a bright light reflected in his eyes as Marcus comes rushing out of the pyre itself with his hands stretched out before him.  Virgil jumps back, startled to see a ghost emerge from a funeral pyre.  The rest of the villagers scream in fear and take off running in all directions.



Can you see me?



Yes I can see you.  Who are you?

What are you?



My name is Marcus and Iím a friend

of Eveís. Whatever you do, donít

burn Eve yet.  Thereís hope she

can still be resurrected.


                                                                                                                        Cut to:

Off Virgilís face to Persephone

Persephone and Solon face one another down.  Cerberus is gathering his courage to attack Solon again slowly but surely, and now that Marcus is off the screen he sees no reason to stay.



What possible reason could you

have for coming here?  You know

you canít talk me out of my decision

to condemn Eve.  Besides, do you

really think she can spend a few months

going around preaching sermons and

that is somehow going to excuse all

of her crimes as Livia?


Like I said, she told me all about

that and-



And its all the fault of the gods.  Right. I donít

buy that in the least.  But donít

worry.  Youíre going to get to know

your baby sister all to well.  Letís see

how much you come to love her

when youíre both roasting in a

torture chamber!  Cerberus, attack!


Cerberus has his courage back in full and he jumps Solon.  The tackle sends them both flying out of the window and they go plunging down the impossible heights, screaming as they fall.  Solon and Cerberus land in the moat surrounding the castle and begin to claw their way back up.  When Solon surfaces a powerful hand jerks him up out of the water.  Solon looks up and finds himself face to face with Draco.



Here you are little boy.  Iíve

been looking everywhere for you.






The one and only. 



What do you want with me?



Youíre my insurance that Marcus

keeps his end of the bargain.  Now

lets go. 


                                                                                                                        Cut to:


Ext-Village funeral.


Virgil loads Eveís body into a wagon.  The sun is beginning to set as he does this, and it concerns Marcus.



Could you hurry?


Iím doing the best I can. It would

help if you could lend a hand.



I would butÖ

(Marcus passes his hand through

the wagon)



Yeah I know.  Iím ready.  Lets go.


Calantha comes rushing down the steps of the house with Joxerís sword. 



Here Viggie, take this.  You may need it.

(to Marcus) I know youíre a ghost

but try to take care of him.



Iíll do my best.  Letís go Viggie.


Marcus and Virgil hop into the wagon and ride off. In the direction Marcus points him to.  We see they ride all night through the landscapes of Greece until the sun begins to rise the next day. 

By morning Virgil is all but asleep in the wagon with Marcus sitting beside him. 



Hey!  Wake up.  Youíve been

asleep for almost an hour.



Oh, sorry.



It sure is nice to be in the land

of the living again.



Isnít the Elysian Fields better than




Yeah in some respects.  Not in

others.  I miss Xena.  Where is she





Xenaís dead.  Isnít she in Elysium

with you?




No, sheís not. I havenít seen her.

When did she die? 



In a far off country called Japan.

she died to save forty-thousand




Then she should be in Paradise.

Instead no one has seen her.



Xena and Gabrielle have taught

us there is more than one underworld.

She died in Japan so she must be

with their gods.



But she deserves to be with the

ones she loves.  What about

her son, her mother?  Me for that matter.

What aboutÖ


Marcusí voice trails off as he sense danger up ahead.  Before he can react about four men come out of the trees lining the road and block their path.



Great. Thugs.


The leader of the pack rides toward them, a wicked grin revealing a mouth full of rotted, broken teeth.  Virgil reacts in disgust, as does Marcus.



Morning gentlemen.  Nice morning for

a ride isnít it?  Whatís that in the wagon?



My friends body.  Weíre taking her home

for burial this evening.



(feigning sympathy)

Oh.  Well in that case Iíll do you a favor:

Iíll let you pass by with a five percent

discount.  Seeing as how youíre

grieving and all.



Youíre all heart.



(under his breath)

Donít get me in a fight MarcusÖ



If thereís one thing I canít stand,

itís a potty mouth.  Boys!  Lets search

the wagon.



We donít have any money.  We

just want-



Shhh.  Quiet now before I get mad.



(becoming angry)

I donít give a damn if you get

mad or not.  I said we donít

have money!  If I did I sure as hell

wouldnít give it to you.



Well, in that caseÖfinish them



The men behind Thug#1 draw cross bows and level them at Virgil and Marcus. Tight on Virgilís face. Fade Out

End of Act Three.



Blood Brother-Act Four

Fade In

Int-Persephoneís private rooms


Persephone sits on her throne watching Draco lead Solon through the tunnels of Tartarus. 



What is Draco doing? 


She continues to watch until she sees them heading for the gate of the Elysian Fields.  Once they are inside, she fades from her chair.

                                                                                                                        Cut to:


Ext-Forest in Elysian Fields

Persephone appears behind Draco and Solon as they make their way through a forest in the Elysian Fields.  They soon come to Solonís private cave.  Persephone follows them inside and we see Solonís shock that the room is empty, until he finds Eveís clothes next to the water.



Sheís submersed herself in the

Waters of Memory.  Sheís happy




Oh, isnít that just wonderful?

Eve is happy now.  Thatís what

matters most around here isnít it?

What are you doing Draco?



Thatís none of your business

now is it Persephone?


Persephoneís jaw drops open to the floor as she stares at him in wide-eyed shock.



You would dare speak to

me in such a tone?  I guess this

means our contract is over?



I suppose it is.





Persephone waits for her dog to appear but nothing happens and Draco begins to laugh.  She calls for him again but nothing.



What have you done with him?



Oh heís fine.  Heís just beenÖ

chained in the back yard so to speak.

that is where dogs belong isnít it?



Youíd know.


Draco laughs again and snaps his fingers.  When he does a net made of Hephaestusí metal drops from the ceiling, trapping her beneath it. 



What are you doing?



Guaranteeing my escape from

Tartarus.  If I canít be resurrected,

Iíll settle for taking your husbands


(he runs a finger along her lips)

In every sense of the word.


Persephone spits at him and he slaps her.  Now that Dracoís attention has been pulled from Solon, Solon jerks free of his grip and dives head first into the Waters of Memory.  Under the water, Solon sees Eve steadily sinking and he swims to get her.



Fool.  Does he think he can

escape me that easily?


                                                                        Cut to:

Solon grabs hold of Eve and swims back up with her towards the surface.  As they get closer to the surface Eve becomes more and more aware of her surroundings.  When they break the surface Eve coughs and sputters.



Whatís going on?



Come on!  Get out.


Draco grabs her and pulls her to the surface.  When she is out of the water he takes in the sight of her body.



Ruling the underworld will definitely

have its advantages.



Stop leering you sick bastard.


Solon tosses Eve her clothes and she begins to dress. 



Weíre in something of a jam. Draco

here knows about our plans to resurrect




And you want the ambrosia

for yourself.  You are every bit

the scum Gabrielle describes

in her scrolls, you know that?



Whatever.  As long as I escape

Tartarus you can call me whatever

you want.  Now move out.



What about me?



Oh, I havenít forgotten about you.

Not at all.


Draco heaves Persephone from the floor and tosses her over his shoulder.  They all exit the cave.


                                                                                                                        Cut to:




Virgil and Marcus hold their hands up while the leader of the thugs searches Virgilís pants.  His hands linger a little too long in Virgilís pockets for Virgilís comfort.



If there was anything there,

you would have found it by now,

donít you think?


He must have spent a lot of time

in prison.



Ah shut up.  Youíre next.


The thug reaches for Marcus pants pocket but his hands pass right through Marcus.  He jumps back in fear.





Virgil grabs the leader and spins him around just as his men fire.  Virgil uses the leaders body as a shield and he ends up taking his menís arrows for Virgil.  Virgil has his sword out and is on them before they can re-load.  The men drop their cross bows and attack Virgil and Marcus.  It doesnít take them long to realize something is not right with Virgilís traveling companion.



Hey!  This guy isnít real!  Heís-

Heís a ghost!



Thatís right.  Straight from Tartarus!



Marcus gives a ferocious battle cry and jumps toward them and they take off for their horses, frightened. 



Letís get back on track.  Thereís

no telling what Persephone is

doing to them in the underworld.


                                                                                                                        Cut To:


Int-Corridors of Hadesí Castle

Draco carries Persephone over his shoulder while he forces Solon and Eve to walk before him.  Solon takes this time to communicate with Eve.



Marcus and I had a plan. Heís to

feed your body the ambrosia and

resurrect you.  After that heís

supposed to return to my hide out

in the Elysian Fields and we were

to eat the ambrosia together.



Canít we still do that?  Once weíre

alive again we can take Draco out.



Itís rumored the stash isnít a large

one.  If Draco gets the ambrosia

then one of us will have to stay here

in the underworld.



Itíll be me. Iíve had my shot at life

but you didnít.  You should-



No Evie-



Hey!  Stop whispering!  I want

absolute silence.


Solon casts him a bitter look but turns without speaking.  They arrive at the Chamber and Draco pushes them inside. 



Get in there!  Both of you.


Once inside they find Marcus on the pedestal.  His eyes are shut and a white light with an unidentifiable source shines down on him. 



Now we wait.


                                                                                                                        Cut to:


Off of Marcusí still form



Iíve been through here a million

times and I never knew there was

a temple to Zeus here.



It was abandoned about 25 years

ago when Hercules killed him.



I take it Weíll be going the rest of

the way on foot?



Yep. Itís not a good idea to leave

her body here.  Can you carry her?

itís not that far.



Of course I can. Letís go.


Virgil slings Eve over his shoulder then follows Marcus into the trees.


Ext-Temple to Zeus

Marcus and Virgil arrive at the temple to Zeus.  Vines and other vegetation have over grown it to the point that all one can really see is the entrance.  Virgil, now covered in sweat and looking worse for the wear, forces the door open.



Not that far huh?


The Ambrosia was hidden in the

heart of the idol.


The room is full of leaves and small animals. The walls are covered with faded murals of Zeusí adventures and various weapons sparsely adorn the walls as well.  In the center is an altar and behind the altar is a ten-foot statue of Zeus.  Virgil draws his sword and breaks into it. 



Hidden in plain sight.  Always

the best place to hide something

I suppose.


Virgil removes a small bowl.  Inside the bowl are three slivers of Ambrosia. He takes one of the pieces and looks at Marcus.



How are you going to hold onto this?



Lets just see if I can hmm?


Virgil hands Marcus the bowl.  The bowl passes through his hands but the ambrosia stays but he begins fading away.



My mission is complete.  Quickly!

Feed some to Eve.



It was an honor to meet you Marcus.



Same here.  If all goes well

Weíll see one another again soonÖ


Marcus fades away and Virgil turns to Eve.  He slips the Ambrosia into her mouth and she begins to glow.


                                                                                                                        Cut to:


Off Eveís glowing body


The light shining on Marcus fades away and he looks around in confusion. He also has the ambrosia in his hands.



Iíve lived up to my end of

the deal Marcus. I kept Persephone

from finding out about your

mission.  Now give me he ambrosia.


Eve begins to feel the effects of the ambrosia in her human body and she starts glowing. 



Where is she going?



We fed the ambrosia to her body

on earth.



Give me the ambrosia!



Solon, Iíll wait for you by the




Iíll be there.



We both will.



Like hell!


Eve fades out                                                                                             Cut to:


Int-Temple to Zeus

Eve suddenly gasps and her eyes fly open.  She is unable to move, however, because of her funeral wrappings.



Eve!  Iím so sorry I killed you.



I know. I heard your thoughts

while I was in the underworld.

Weíll talk  about it later.  Get me out

of this.  I have to Get to the entrance

to Tartarus!



But, youíre not wearing anything

under that.



Then weíll improvise. Come on!


                                                                                                Cut to:


Marcus holds out his hand and a sword appears.  He tucks the ambrosia away in his tunic and begins to fight Draco.  While he does this, Solon turns to Persephone.



If I set you free, will you help us

atop Draco?




Yes I will.  I give you my word.


Solon rips the net off of Persephone and stands to face Solon.



I know just what needs to be done.


Solon unbars the door and when Marcus sees this he flips over Draco and takes off with Solon to the underworldís exit.


                                                                                                                        Cut to:

Eve and Virgil ride hard on the horses now freed from the wagon.  Eve wears enough wrap only to cover her more private areas as she pushes her horse to the limit to make it to the Underworlds entrance.


Time elapse


Eve and Virgil arrive at the lake that is the entrance to the underworld.  They dismount and stand next to the water.


Now what?



Now we wait.


                                                                                                                        Cut to:

Solon and Marcus make it to the steps that lead to the lake above. 





As Iíll ever be.


Marcus takes out the ambrosia and Draco comes flying out of a corner, attacking, and the ambrosia falls to the dusty floor.  Solon is about to join the fray to help Marcus when Persephone arrives with Cerberus and more guards that block Solon from helping Marcus fight.



Not so fast Solon.



Persephone.  What are you-


Now Marcus and Draco scream, cutting Solon off.  They are on the ground, crawling hand over hand for the Ambrosia.  Marcus is just about to get his hands on it when Cerberus, sniffs the Ambrosia and like any normal dog eats it.  Persephone laughs when the dog returns to her side and she pets him.



Was it a tasty snack?

(Cerberus belches and Persephone

turns to Marcus and Solon)

Like I said before.  I know exactly what

needs to be done.  Guards!  Take them.


                                                                                                Cut to:

Int-Torture Chamber

Solon and Marcus stand with their hands tied above them as a demon-like creature beats them with whips.  Persephone stands and watches, laughing.


I hope your happy Solon, Marcus.

Youíve traded your eternity in the

Elysian Fields for a stranger.



Sheís worth it to me.



Sheís Xenaís child, sheís definitely

worth it to me.



Well, weíll see how long it takes

her to get herself killed and put

right back in here with you.


                                                                                                Cut to:


Darkness is almost upon them and still no sign of Marcus and Solon.



Something went wrong.  They

didnít make it!  I have to save them.


Eve moves to get into the water but Virgil stops her. 



What are you doing!  Let me go!


Suddenly Persephone appears, ghost-like before them.



Unlike Hades I can no longer

appear on Earth in the flesh.  At

least not while I rule the underworld.



Where is my brother?



I managed to stop his escape

attempt.  Marcus, Solon and Draco

will spend eternity in Tartarus.  One day

you will die Eve, and I will have

my revenge.  For now, live with the

knowledge your precious

brother and your Motherís boy toy

will suffer for eternity. All because of you.


Persephone fades away, laughing almost hysterically.  Once again Eve moves for the water.



I have to save them!



You canít save them Eve.



I have to try!



Why? So you can get taken by Persephone

and make everything Marcus and your brother

did to save you in vain?



But he never got to know life Virgil

I did.  I canít let him-



(Holding her close as she weeps)

I know Eve,  better than you think.

but you canít betray what theyíve

sacrificed. Perhaps one day you

can do something about it, but for nowÖ



(Close up on her tear-stained face)

I will never forgive myself for this.  Never.


The End

Copywrite Caina Q.  Fuller 2001.