A Still Small Voice

Written By:Caina Q.Fuller



Fade In-Dusty Road, Day


Itís a day thatís as hot as hell itself as Eve and Virgil ride down a dusty road under the mid-day sun.Theyíve been through a lot lately, and theyíre still reeling from it all.Especially Eve.Her face is tortured, more from the pain of knowing her brother is trapped in Tartarus from trying to save her than from the heat itself. Virgil is picking up on this, and reaches out for her in silent support.



Eve?Do you want to talk

about it?



Not really Virgil.Thanks but

nothing short of knowing

my brother is back where he

belongs is going to ease my pain.



I wish there was something I

could say to ease your pain Eve.



I know you do Virgil. And I

appreciate it too.You know,

Iíve been thinking a lot about

my experience in Rome with







Iíve come to realize that Livia

and I are one and the same,

and thereís nothing I can do to

change that.


This revelation both shocks and hurts Virgil.To him it seems as if Eve is throwing away all Xenaís sacrifices, as well as the loss of his father, away by making a statement like that.



How could you say something

like that? After all your mother

has done to help youÖI had to

lose my father before you were

turned around, and now youíre

saying that you havenít changed?



Virgil, calm down. Youíre misinterpreting

what I meant.



Then help me to understand.



My entire life was spent as

Livia, and the good in my life

back then was far outweighed

by the bad Virgil.I allowed my

innocence to be lost to hate.

I canít pretend to be someone

completely different overnight.

Iím changing but its going to be a

life long process. I justÖI just

feel that to deny the part of me

that is a warrior is to deny half

of my soul.



Then why do you have so many

reservations about picking up

the sword again?



Because Iím afraid that once

I get a taste of that dark part of me

again I wonít be able to control

my taste for bloodshed.



Youíre afraid of reverting back

to Livia. I see what you mean. But

youíre forgetting something.You

have an element in your favor

now that you didnít have before.



Whatís that?



Friends who love you.With

our love, you can find your

true path because weíll

be there every step of the way.


For the first time since losing her brother to Persephoneís hate in the underworld, Eve has found reason to smile.



Virgil, I donít think you can begin

to imagine how much that means

to me.




As the two continue along the road, Eve begins to hear an almost inaudible whisper.At first she thinks itís Virgil speaking to her quietly, but when she looks to him he is studying the scenery around them and clearly not talking to her, but stillÖ



Virgil? You say something?






Nothing really.







The archangel Raphael watches Eve and Virgil on the mirror-like surface of a fountain.When he waves his hand over it, the scene changes to that of an army raiding a village.As he watches this Rachel, Callistoís daughter, appears beside him.



It has begun.



I know. Heís given me the go

ahead to show her the truth.



You donít look certain about

what you are being sent to do.



Iím certain this is the right thing,

but Iím just not sure in my abilities

to do this correctly.



Youíre going to be fine. I have

the utmost faith in you.


Rachel disappears and Raphael turns to see Eve and Virgil on the road.He dissolves away, leaving the room empty, a look of deep sadness filling his already somber eyes as he fades away.





Virgil and Eve are still riding when Virgil sees smoke rising into the air from the village they are approaching.He reaches out for her in horror at what he is seeing.



Eve, look!Itís Leuctra!






Virgil takes off for the village, ready for a fight, but Eve isnít so sure about what sheís getting herself in to and hangs back.She is just about to follow after him regardless of her doubts, when she hears the whispering again. This time itís louder and it fills her with uneasiness. What is it? Where is it coming from?


Suddenly Raphael appears on the road before her, blocking her path and scaring Braveheart into rearing up and almost knocking her to the ground.



(calming Braveheart)

Be still.


The horse immediately calms beneath the wave of Raphaelís hand, but it isnít that simple for Eve, whose life seems to be steadily turning up side down.


Close Up on Eve-Fade Out.

End of Teaser




A Still, Small Voice-Act One


Fade In

We resume where we left off in the Teaser, close on Eveís face.She remembers this particular angel from her time in Heaven and gives him a small smile.






You remember me. Thatís

good. Then you know I am

not going to hurt you.



Whatís the matter? Why have

You come here?Is it Rachel?



Iím here because you have doubts

about your mission as the Messenger.

I have come to answer them. You

also have doubts about riding into

battle.Youíre afraid you may be

forced to kill again, to save an

innocent life.


Eve is amazed that he knows the deepest secrets of her heart, but she is also relieved to have someone to share them with.She looks next to tears as she nods her head in agreement.



Yes. Youíre right, I do have

questions. And I have many fears.

What if Iím on the wrong path?

How can I reconcile being Eliís

Messenger and carrying a sword

at the same time?





I donít have time to answer

all of your questions now Eve.

Iím just here to tell you to ride

into Leuctra and do all in

your power to save them.Eve,

soon you will be shown the truth,

but until then, donít restrain

your warrior heart.


Before Eve can ask him to elucidate what he has said, Raphael is gone, leaving her staring at the empty space heíd just left with bewilderment written all over her face. It isnít until she hears screams from the village and sees more smoke that she snaps out of her trance and heads off for the village. The only problem now is that Eve is more uncertain about her path as a warrior than ever, despite what Raphael has said about not restraining her warrior heart.





Virgil rides into the village and finds it being attacked by men in black uniforms, all of whom have a strange red symbol sewn into their tunics. Itís a likeness of the Destroyer from ďA Family AffairĒ (Hope and Aresí son), but Virgil doesnít recognize it as being associated with Dahak.


Virgil pulls his fatherís sword and dismounts just as two warriors rush his way.On a hill in the distance we see a man watching the events of the battle from his horse.Despite the distance (and the fact that his second in command must have a spyglass to see), this warrior has no difficulty seeing every detail of the fight below him. He is obviously more than a mere mortal.


Virgil looks around the burning village for Eve but his companion is nowhere in sight. All around him slave wagons are being loaded with women and children, and the men have been rendered unconscious and placed on the ground with their hands manacled behind their backs, which is unusual considering that during a warlords raid, the men are usually slaughtered.



Eve!Where are you?




The warriors raiding the village become aware of Virgilís presence and watch as he attacks their fellow warriors, cutting them down before they can harm the men, women and children of the village.Several of them surround Virgil, all of them large, muscle-bound dunce types with more testosterone than brain cells to balance it out.



Warrior #1

You put on a good show, but

now itís time for you to be a

good boy and drop your sword.



Virgil apparently isnít responding quickly enough for Warrior 1ís satisfaction.


Warrior #1

I said drop your sword!



Drop yours and I might let

you live long enough to go to



At first the warriors are astounded that any simple villager would dare defy them, but then anger and aggression quickly takes over and warrior #1 attacks.


Virgil takes him on and holds his own easily enough, and heís even beginning to get the upper hand in the fight when his buddies join in.Up on the hill, Cain watches with a sly grin on his face.









Virgil is good, but not good enough to take on three burly warriors at the same time (heís no Eve after all), and the situation quickly turns ugly for him when all three are attacking.Warrior #1 sees his chance to save his pride in some small measure when he decks Virgil, sending him sprawling.He raises his sword to deliver the death blow, then brings it down hard for the kill. Suddenly Eveís sword is blocking him and saving Virgil in the nick of time-close but no dice baby.



Thatís not a good idea.


On the hill, Cain watches this new player in his game with interest. Sheís beautiful, yes, but apparently she knows her way around a sword as he watches her disarm all three of the warriors attacking Virgil.



Now who are you?



In the village Virgil picks up his sword as the mayhem continues around them and the three warriors stubbornly face her down.


Warrior #1

Whoever gets her first, gets her.


Sounds like a plan to them. The men are about to begin another attack, without their swords, when the third warrior, silent until now, suddenly recognizes her.


Warrior #3

Hey, wait! I know you! Youíre

Livia.Champion of Rome.


The men look at her with new interest now. If they can give their lord Romeís champion, there was a good chance he would reward them with a personal slave, or better still, a few bags of gold.



Take her alive if you can. Weíll

split the booty.




Surrender and call off your men

or Iíll split your booty.


Warrior #1

Oh, funny. Get her!


The men attack again, but this time Eve sheathes her sword to fight them hand to hand. She knows what Raphael has told her about doing what she must to save the village of Leuctra, but she just canít bring herself to kill again.More and more warriorís attack Eve and Virgil, and though Virgil kills or wounds as necessary, Eve refuses to, and itís about to cost Virgil more than it is her.On a rooftop in the village, invisible to all eyes, including Cainís, stands Raphael.He shakes his head at her refusal to draw her sword.



I said do what you must Eve.


During the fight, Warrior #1 charges her and she kicks him in the gut, but it sends him flying back into a wagon full of hay that is engulfed in a raging fire with predictable results.Warrior #1 begins to flail about, trying to put the fire out, but in his panic he makes it worse by running for the exit of the village.The voice whispers around her again, louder than it was before but still unintelligible.


Eve is so consumed with guilt as she watches the warrior collapse on the ground to die in flames, she doesnít see warrior #3 coming upon her, but Virgil does.



Eve!Look out!


Eve looks around a tad too late and Warrior#3 sucker punches her, knocking her to the ground.He begins to kick her and Virgil rushes over to save her, but in the process the warrior tries run Virgil through.Fortunately for our intrepid (would-be) hero, warrior #3ís aim is off and the blade goes through Virgilís side, missing his most important organs.







Eve jumps to her feet, sword drawn, as once again a newly armed warrior #3 attacks.As this happens, warrior #2 (non-speaking as of yet) mounts his horse and begins to retreat.Eve quickly dispenses with the warrior #3, then kneels at Virgilís side.



Virgil.Iím so sorry.



Save the village Eve. We can

talk about this later. Save them.


Eve turns, this time to fight the approaching warriors.Though it hurts her to her soul, Eve does what she should have done the moment she stepped into the battle, and begins cutting down soldier after soldier that attacks her until the men realize what force theyíre up against and they retreat.



























Ext. Hill


Cain watches this new beauty, and senses something different about her as she slaughterís his men.Sheís unlike any female warrior heís ever witnessed fight, and heís fascinated by her.Still, sheís stepped between him and his mission, and that he cannot allow.


Warrior #2 comes riding up the hill to his master, and we can see in his eyes he knows heís in serious trouble for retreating. He doesnít respect Cain--he fears him.


Warrior #2

My Lord.



Thereíd better be a damn good

reason for you to run from battle.


Warrior #2

There is my Lord.That woman-

her name is Eve. She was once

the champion of Rome. Sheís

Xenaís daughter.


The name Xena strikes a cord deep within Cain, and we hear a low growl come from deep in his chest. He hates the Warrior Princess, and with good reason, but weíll get into that later.



Now sheís Eliís Messenger of

peace. Is her familial ties the

only reason you left?


The warriorís face becomes a mask of fear and uncertainty. How will he get out of this alive?



What do you mean?







I know you donít have much of

a brain but donít play stupid with

me boy.Why else did you leave?


Warrior #2

(head hung in shame)

I was afraid my lord.



I thought so.You know how I

feel about cowards.



Suddenly the warrior grabs his head and falls from his horse, screaming in agony. He writhes on the ground, blood pouring from his nose and ears until his very soul emerges from his mouth in the form of a bright, misty light, and it flows into Cain.As soon as Cain has ingested the mans soul, his eyes begin to glow and he laughs evilly as he is invigorated from the power of the manís life-force.






Yes, my lord?



Retrieve the rest of the deserters.



Of course my lord.Right away.



And prepare a couple of crosses

for our competition down there.

Itís time for me to put an end

to Xenaís line once and for all.

Just as she tried to do to my family.


Close on Cainís face.

Fade out.

End of Act One.




A Still, Small Voice-Act Two


Fade In

Ext-Village of Leuctra


The village lays half in ruins from the fires started by Cainís men in the raid the previous day, but the villagers are safe--for now any way. They go about the grueling and emotionally draining task of sifting through the ruins, trying to salvage whatever they could of their lives from the ashes.


Int-Physicianís hut


The doctor, an old salty fellow with a sharp mind and amazingly steady hands, finishes patching Virgilís wound up when Eve enters the room.



Nasty but nothing life-threatening.

donít worry little lady. Your husband

is young and strong.Heíll be good

as new in a month or so.


He pats Virgil on the head with a fatherly touch.



Youíll have a great story for the

grandkids one day and a great

to back it up.

(turns to Eve)

It shouldnít affect his sex drive

too much either.


Ok, this is more information than Eve wants to hear.



Thanks Doctor, but heís not

my husband.


The physician suddenly ďunderstandsĒ what she means and laughs wickedly, slapping her on the shoulder and winking as he passes her.



Right, gotcha. Still, in a week

or so, heíll be able to perform

in bed like always. Hope thatís a

good thing.


He leaves now, laughing at his joke as if itís the funniest thing said in the history of man kind, and leaves them staring after him in embarrassment and disbelief.



Thank God Eve. My sex drive

was spared.Feel like makiní love?



Virgil!Try and get some rest

wise guy.



Where are you going?



Iím gonna get some fresh

air, check on the wounded

that havenít been treated

yet. That kind of thing.


Eve is trying to run from what happened earlier that day, but heís not going to let her get away from it that easily.



Eve, wait. We need to talk

about what happened.



No, we donít.





Your indecision almost cost

me my life, so yeah we do.



Virgil, I feel just awful about

what happened to you-


Virgil interrupts her angrily, moving to sit up too fast and hurting is freshly stitched wound.He lies back down but still speaks his mind.



Eve, Iím not fishing for

an apology.I want to know why

you froze up in the middle of a

battle like that.


All right.If Virgil wants to talk about it then sheís going to talk.



I froze up because I killed

a man Virgil.I shoved him

into a fire. He burned to death

for Godís sake!



You didnít have a choice Eve.

He was going to take you captive

and who knows what would

have happened to you then.

Even worse, you could have

been killed.



Iím starting to wonder if I

should keep this title of the

Messenger at all Virgil.Iíve

tried but I just canít reconcile

carrying a sword on my back

while I preach messages of

peace. I feel like a hypocrite

and I just canít live my life like

this anymore!


Eve storms out of the healers hut, despite Virgilís pleas for her to wait.





Eve runs through the woods, hoping with everything in her heart she can outrun her problems, even her life if she applied enough effort to it. But of course that wasnít possible, and she only succeeded in wearing herself down, putting a stitch in her side from the effort of running.


Eventually she comes upon a hot spring.




A hot spring.Just what I need.



††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Time elapse:


We focus on the surface of the pool as Eve rises from below the surface.She breaks the surface, her hair slicked back by the water and her skin steaming from the heat of the spring.It has the desired calming effect on her and in moments sheís relaxing in the deep water of the spring.


She hasnít relaxed long however, before the voice returns. This time when it whispers, she can hear-just barely-what it is saying.



DestinyÖDonít fearÖ



Hello?Whoís there?





Raphael appears beside the pool, sitting on a large stone next to the water.



Iíve forgotten some things about

Heaven, but if I recall they do give

angels manners up there.



You know Iím not tempted

by human flesh Eve.For an angel

that would be a sin.




Yes, and we know what happens

to you angels when you sin, donít



Raphael laughís at her attempted insult and crosses his arms, leaning back against a tree.



I saw what happened today Eve.



Yeah? Then why didnít you do

something to save Virgil?No

wait!Let me guess:Itís not

in your job description right?Thatís

a job for the guardian angelís, not

an archangel.


He takes her abuse quietly, choosing to allow her to work it out of her system, but he does have a thing or two to say back to her, and perhaps giving in to the desire to smart off is a little sin he will have to pay penance for later.But for nowÖ






And why do you think Virgil

is still alive Eve?Your heroic

efforts and lightning fast reflexes?


Eveís mouth drops open in shock. An angel of heaven just mouthed off to her!



How rude!What kind of an

angel are you?



Iím an honest angel, as all

angels are taught to be. I always

tell the truth.



You mentioned truth earlier. Care

to stop beating around the bush

and enlighten me as to what the

truth is?


Raphael leans forward, trying to close the gap between him and Eve, not just physically but mentally and emotionally as well. He wants her to hear him, really hear him, before itís too late for her.



Youíre unhappy Eve.Not

because of your warrior heart,

but because youíre trying to

walk the wrong path.


Eve tries to absorb this news but it just doesnít click with what sheís been told that her mission is.



But that doesnít make any sense.

I was told that I am to be the

Messenger.The Messenger of Eli.

How can a messenger of peace

possibly walk the Way of the Warrior?




Iím not talking about the Way

of the Warrior Eve. Iím talking

about your perceptions of

who the Messenger really is.


Now sheís really confused and she can only stare at him, baffled as her mind tries to work through what he is saying to her.



Are you saying Iím not supposed

to be the Messenger of Eli?



Thatís exactly what Iím saying.



Ext. Cainís Camp


Julian puts the finishing touches on a cross then stands up, the whole while the sound of men screaming in agony behind him.He turns to find Cain, wearing nothing but his leather pants, slashing down one man after another.They were the soldiers who ran from Eve in battle earlier that day.As each man dies, Cain absorbs his soul.


The other men in Cainís army, about a hundred in all, stand stiff at attention, watching the slaughter in fear.One of the men tries to run but Cain holds out his sword toward the unfortunate soul, using his powers pull the man back through the air until he slams into the sharp point of the sword, becoming impaled, and Cain eats his soul.


When Cain has cut down the last one, he holds up his sword and licks some of the blood off the blade--disgusting.This openly disturbs the men, and they can barely swallow over the lumps of fear in their throats.








I will not tolerate cowardice!

You either kill in my name or die

at my hand, but you do not

run from a fight if you follow me!

And if any of you desert before I

complete my mission, Iíll hunt you

down and feed off your souls!

Understand me?



(in unison)

Yes sir!





The group breaks up to return to their normal routine of training, but some of them come to collect the bodies of their fallen to be burned.Cain doesnít bother to dress as he passes Julian, who is watching him approach, and mounts his steed.



Iíll return shortly Julian.Look

over my flock, will you?



Of course my lord.May I ask

where youíre going?



Iím going to go have a little

talk with our female adversary.

Perhaps a more favorable

arrangement can be made with

her.Every king needs a queen.

Wouldnít you agree?





Julian watches his master leave, his face full of pride and admiration that he is second in command of one of the most powerful warriors on earth.


Fade out.

End of Act Two.



A Still, Small Voice-Act Three



Fade In-Eve


Eve stares at Raphael in pure disbelief.How can this be?It occurs to her this may not even be Raphael, but some evil spirit trying to trick her off her path, and she looks him over with suspicion.



I am who I claim to be Eve.

Iím not some evil spirit trying

to trick you off your path.


Eve ignores the fact that he has just read her mind.



Iím not supposed to be the




I didnít say that.I said youíre

not supposed to be Eliís



Eveís mind is working a mile a minute now, as she tries to figure out exactly who the Messenger will be.



I get it.Hopeís child!He

or she will be the reincarnation

of Eliís soul. They will be the




I didnít say that. Why are you

so quick to jump to conclusions?







Why are you so vague

all the time?For once I wish

you would just come right out

and say in plain Greek what you




All right then. Howís this for plain?

Eli isnít supposed to have a

Messenger because he isnít the savior

of mankind like everyone believes

him to be.There is another who will

come, and it is He whoís way you

are to prepare. Eve, Callisto was given

a mission in Heaven before she was

to return in your body.She was to

bring the message of the Savior

of man.He too will come from Heaven

to be reborn in a human body. And before

you can jump to another wrong

conclusion, no, Iím not talking about

Hopeís child.



Then who is it? How can I be

a messenger for someone I

donít even know anything about?



You will be shown the Way. Eve,

you were sent by the God of

Heaven, Eliís God, to prepare the

way for the savior. Eli was just

to be the Hammer that brought

about the fall of the Olympian gods.

Now that he is being reborn on

earth, he will also have a mission

to prepare the way, but his mission

is separate from yours. Do you

understand now?



Not completely.



Youíre trying to follow a path

that youíre not meant to walk.

You must travel the earth and

send word to the people that

there is hope for a brighter

tomorrow through the Messiah.

To accomplish your mission effectively

there is only one path you can




The Way of the Warrior.



Yes.The way of the Warrior.



But I donít want to kill Raphael.



If you did, you wouldnít have

been chosen Eve.It is this

temperance, this compassion you

have for human life now, that

makes you the perfect Messenger.


Before Eveís eyes Raphael fades away, leaving her to ponder what he has told her.


Another?Who could he possibly be talking about?Without answers to those questions, Eve knew in her heart she would no long continue on her mission to be the Messenger.





Raphael reappears beside Rachel, who is watching Eve bathe.



I miss her so much. I can

feel a connection with her soul.

She may be in anotherís body,

but that is still my mother Raphael.

I canít bear to see her suffer.



I know, but you have to remain

strong. For her Rachel, as much

for yourself.Are you ready?



Yes, but I donít know when is

the best time.



When it is time, you will know.



Ext. Forest


From the point of view of an unseen character we see Eve soaking in the hot spring.This character inches closer and closer to her until Eve looks up, sensing something near.


The character eases behind a tree where he temporarily loses sight of Eve. There is a splash, and when he looks around again, the spring is empty.The only evidence of Eve being here are her clothes, which still lie on the ground near the spring.


Up in a tree we see Eve, naked, looking down on Cain who is staring around him in confusion about where she could have gone.



Ext. Village-Evening


A pretty young woman named Aura tends to Virgil in his room.She has medium length blond hair and green eyes, and a black shawl covers her shoulders.Her hands move over Virgilís wound gently, and it doesnít take a genius to see Virgil is seriously attracted to her (perhaps because of her physical similarities to Gabrielle?). She also returns his attentions, for reasons of her own.








Thank you, for tending my wound.



Itís the least I can do. You and

Eve did work to save our village.


They share another meaningful look, so long so that Aura looks away, almost as if she feels sheepish.



Iíve put something in the

rinse that will dull the pain.

Itíll also make you a little

drowsy and help you sleep

good tonight.



I appreciate that Aura. Thank you.



She begins to gather her things, but Virgil touches her hand, gently urging her to stay.



Aura, I have a request.


Close on her eyes, then


††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Cut to:


Ext. Spring


Cain has now come into the clearing, looking around in confusion.Heís never met an opponent that could hide from his superior senses, and he is intrigued by her agility.



Iím not here to hurt you.


Eve flips from the tree and stands before him in all her glorious but natural beauty, and she is completely unashamed.



Didnít your mother ever teach you

its not nice to peak in at a woman when

sheís taking a bath?



If you knew my mother, you wouldnít

ask that question.



Really? Well, I can only imagine

what kind of woman she is.



No worse than your mother ever was.



What do you know about my mother?



Everyone knows the story of the

Warrior Princess.Some call her

a saint, others call her a sinner.



What do you call her?



A saintly sinner.


Heís easing up on her, and before Eve realizes it heís standing on top of her, though he makes no threatening moves against her, and Eve makes a conscious decision not to back down from him. Not even one single step.



Three questions: Who are you,

what do you want with these

villagersÖand where do you have

your army camped?






Questions, questions, questions.

I can think of better things a man

like me and a woman like you can

be doing than talking.



I may not be ashamed of my

nudity, but Iím not that easy.

back off.


Cain refuses to back off, and instead he takes another step toward her until their bodies are almost touching. Remember, he wears nothing but a pair of tight leather pants. No shirt, no shoes.It would be bare skin on bare skin if they were to actually touch.



Who are you, and why are you

trying to stand in my way of




You first.



My name is Cain, and I need these

villagers to make me powerful.



My name is Eve, and Iím here to

fight for those who canít fight

for themselves against scum like you.


Cain isnít much for tolerating insults, and being called scum is a little too much for him to handle, even from a woman heís attracted to.He takes a swing at Eve, which she easily ducks, then she grabs her cloak and wraps it around her body.She can fight comfortably now, without being subconsciously worried about her nudity.Cain gives her all heís got, but itís just not good enough.They are at a tie when he holdís his hands up for a truce, but then he does something strange.


He blows her a kiss, and his powers are one weapon for which she has no defense.Her eyes roll back in her head and she falls against him.

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Time elapse:


Eve and Cain are lying next to the water, kissing passionately. His lips trail down her neck andÖ




MoreÖI want more of you.



Who are you?I want to know

who you really are.Tell me.



Who I really amÖI am Livia.



Why do you call yourself Eve?



Itís the new me.Part of my

new path butÖIím not sure

Iím even on the right path.



And why are you here?



Iím here to save the village

from you and your men. You

and your men. YouÖ


The more she talks about him, the more his spell seems to wear off, so he kisses her again, breathing his power into her until her eyes are glowing with his poison.



What do you want now Livia?


We close in on Eveís eyes, which are now shining with his poisonous power, and we know he has taken over her. He is using her fears about her path against her, since he knows that deep in her heart the only time she was ever sure of her path in life was when she was Livia, champion of Rome. If he can use that against her, he can control her.


Answer me. What do you want




I want you.I want to kill.


Close up on Eveís eyes.

Fade out.

End of Act three.



A Still, Small Voice-Act Four


Fade in-Village-night


Eve enters Virgilís room to find Aura sitting on the bed, next to him.The two are looking into one anotherís eyes, and Eveís own eyes flash with jealousy.



Int. Cainís Tent

Cain can see everything Eve is doing as he watches the village through her eyes on a mirror.Beside him Julian sits with a blank sheet of papyrus, ready to draw a map of the traps the villagers are setting.



Get ready Julian. Sheís about

to give us the entire village.

and she wonít even know

sheís doing it.



Int. Virgilís room.



Who are you?


Virgil can immediately hear the jealousy in Eveís voice. What he doesnít know is, Cain has altered his friend.Soon he will use her to take over the village.




My name is Aura.I was

just tending to yourÖfriend?


Her last words are more like a question than a statement, for she isnít sure exactly who Virgil is to this woman.



Iíll just bet you were.






Get out.



Eve! What the hell is

the matter with you?



Itís alright. Iíve stayed too

long as it is. Iíll be going.Donít

worry Virgil. Iíll get that message

to your friend.



Thanks Aura.


Aura passes by Eve, and Eve stares hatefully at her as she passed, making the poor girl uncomfortable every step of the way.Once they are alone again, Virgil letís her have it.



You didnít answer my question.

I said what the hell was that all




I didnít like what I saw when I

came in here. It looked like

she was tending more than your

wound to me.


Eve goes to the mirror and pulls down her braid. Once her hair is loose, she pulls it back up into the hairstyle she wore as Livia, all the while talking with Virgil.



So what if she was. My personal

life is none of your business.



And vice versa.



You didnít have to be so

rude to her.Sheís a nice girl.



Iím nicer.





Really? I wouldnít know it from

the way youíre acting.Why are you

fixing your hair like that?


Eve finishes her hair and comes to sit next to him, a seductive grin on her face.



It gets my hair out of the

way so I can take care of moreÖ

important business. If you know

what I mean.


Without warning she leans in, kissing Virgil passionately. At first heís shocked, then tempted, but then he pulls himself together and finally pushes her away.



This isnít right Eve. Weíre not

going to go down this road.



Why not?You looked like you were

ready to drive down that little country

bumpkinís road.Besides.My curves are

more exciting to navigate. Come on

Virgil. Iím a very skilled lover.I can

show you things that will blow your

mind. Speaking of blowÖ


Eve moves in on him again but this time Virgil is ready for her and he sits up, moving behind her so he can get to his feet and put some distance between them.



I donít believe you!You storm

out of here and disappear all day,

then come in here and try to seduce

me!What the hell do you take me for?






Iíd like to take you for a wild

ride, if youíd wake up and seize

the moment.



Well itís not going to happen.

Weíve only just become friends.

Sex would ruin our friendship.



I donít know if youíve realized

it by now or not Virgil, but Livia

doesnít take no for an answer.






Thatís right. Give me what I want.



Or what?



Or Iíll kill you.


Virgil turns to walk away from this increasingly strange encounter, but Eve wonít hear of it.She grabs him by the arm and pulls him around to face her, then attacks him. When he hits her back, she falls to the bed, unconscious, even though he didnít hit her that hard.





He checks her vital signs. When he sees theyíre stable, he tucks her in and sits next to her, confused.



What the hell is going on?


Int. Cainís tent

Cain turns to Julian



Take half my men and take

every villager in Plataea.Bring

them back here, to my temple.



Understood my Lord.Iíll return

by tomorrow afternoon.



Good.By then I will have secured




Fade In.-Leuctra- Day


The next morning Eve awakens to find the villagerís, along with Virgil, have been working all night and all morning to booby-trap the town against Cainís attack.She exitís the hut into the sun, and pulls aside a stranger.



Whatís going on?


Female Villager

Virgil is helping us booby trap

the town so when that strange

army attacks again weíll be ready

for them.


Eve finds Virgil, helping secure an arrow trap near the city gate, and she goes to him.






(his voice icy)



He doesnít look too happy to see her, and rightfully so, but instead of just using words Eve hugs him close and he allows the embrace, stiffly.



Iím sorry Virgil. I donít know

what came over me last night.

Please forgive me.



What did happen last night Eve?



I donít know. IÖI donít know.



Can you tell me where you were?



I found a hot spring in the forest,

and I met up with an angel. He

told me that my mission wasnít to

be the Messenger of Eli. He did

something to me Virgil, but I donít

know what.



Did he hurt you?



I canít remember.Look, the best

thing for me now is to work. Can

you bring me up to speed on

what youíve been doing?



If you think thatís what you need.

sure. Come on. Iíll show you what

all weíve done.



Ext. Cainís Camp



Alright men.Youíve got the map

of their defenses. Letís move out!


Ext. Plataea

Cainís men raid the village of Plataea, stuffing men, women and children alike into wagons to be hauled back to the temple in Leuctra.In one of the wagons we see a woman with her face wrapped, and it looks like its Aura.The door is locked, sealing her in.


Ext. Village of Leuctra

Cainís men have crested the hill to Leuctra, but this time the village is ready for them, plus heís only at half strength.Eve comes to stand beside Virgil, sword ready.



Are you ready?



Yep. You?



As Iíll ever be. Friend.


He smiles at her, acknowledging his forgiveness, and prepares to face down Cain and his army.As Cain and his men charge, Virgil and Eve can hear them chanting a name over and over again.When theyíre closer, they can make it out.



What are they saying?



Theyíre saying Dahak, over and

over again.



But Dahak is dead.Why would

theyÖ Everybody! Ready!


Cain and his men approach the gate fast but come up short. One villager sets off a log trap which Cain and his men were ready for. When the danger passes, they invade the village, using archers primarily to take out the men who are standing at the defense.



They know our plans! How could

they knowÖYou!


He turns on Eve and just as Cain rides in and dismounts.The evil sorcerer/warrior starts a battle with Virgil, as his men deftly avoid the traps set for them by the villagers.Virgil is only able to hold his own for so long before Cain gets the best of him.Once Virgil is disarmed and on the ground, Eve comes to stand beside Cain to share a passionate kiss.



You should have joined me Virgil.


Ext. Temple

Virgil and the villagers are led into the temple proper where many of the captives from Plataea are already waiting.They have been chained to pins stuck deep into the ground, and they cannot escape, regardless of how hard they try.Cain pulls Virgil up to him, and then shoves him into Julian.



Prepare this one. He will be the

crow jewel of my spectacle of blood



Julian leads Virgil away, kicking and screaming.



Now, my dear.I will sacrifice

these fools to myself, in the

name of my slain grandfather,

Dahak.When I do, I will feed

on the power their souls give me,

and I will become the most

powerful god in Greece.



Ext. Road leading into temple

The last wagon from Plataea is being brought in.It is the wagon holding the mysterious woman with Auraís eyes.



Ext. Courtyard.


Eve watches as Cain takes his throne and his men take up position around the chained villagers to kill them.Her eyes wander to the perfect blue sky above, and that still, small voice that has been haunting her since the beginning of the episode returns, whispering words of destiny to her.




Do not fear your destiny.


Int. Heaven

Rachel stands over the pool in heaven, watching her mother stare back at her from the earth, hearing her voice as she repeats over and over ďdo not fear your destinyĒ.


Ext. Courtyard


Eve looks up at the sky, repeating the words over and over.It is these words that are breaking through the spell Cain has placed on her by using her fear of her destiny against her.



Donít fear my destiny? Who

am I?What is my destiny?

help me.Please help me.


Those are the only words Eve needed to speak from the beginning. She needed to drop her pride and look past her fear to ask for help.Now that she has, her daughter, her guardian angel, can come forth and help her.Until that happens though, Cain can still control Eveís actions.


Virgil is led out of the temple, stripped to nothing but a loin cloth to be crucified in, and heís laid on the cross.



Eve!Prove your loyalty to

me.Drive the nails in yourself.

Do it!


Obediently Eve goes to Virgil and picks up a nail and hammer.A washer is laid across his wrist, then she puts the nail on the small piece of wood and raises the hammer.Virgil stares at her in fear.



Eve, I know you have doubts

about your destiny but this is

not it.Iím your friend.I know

you donít want to hurt me.Eve!


But Cainís hold is still too strong on Eve, and she raises the hammer, her eyes devoid of any feeling or mercy.No one notices the one peasant rising to her feet in the background. It is the mystery woman. When she stands and unwraps her head, we see it is Gabrielle, not Aura.She hurls her Chakram at the hammer, breaking it before Eve can hammer in the first nail.


Now all hell breaks loose.Gabrielle uses the Chakram to break the shackles on her feet, then cuts the throat of the first guard rushing her.She then takes his sword and does an incredible flip to land before Cain.



You!Your Gabrielle.My

Grandmother, the Betrayer!

You turned your back on my

Grandfather and mother.This is

better than getting to kill Xenaís

daughter.Iíll make you pay for

all youíve-



Shut up and fight sunshine.

Grandma doesnít have all day.


Cain attacks her but Gabrielle easily holds her own. In the background Virgil fights his way free from his cross now that the guards are distracted.Instead of trying to take Eve on, who is only staring at the mayhem in confusion, he rushes off to cut the chains of the villagers held captive.





Gabrielle kicks Cain in the jaw, sending him flying backward and toppling over his gaudy throne, then flips down to face Eve.



What are you doing Eve?



Securing my destiny.



Your destiny is secure. Lay down

your sword and come home with me.

You need time to rest and-




Not a chance.


The two begin to fight, but Gabrielle is better and she spins, kicking Eve in the chest and sending her flying back into the air.As she does this, a light appears in the sky and Eve freezes in mid air.The fight below is momentarily halted as everyone looks up at what is happening to Eve.Cain breaks the silence first however by charging Gabrielle.


As Cain flies impressively through the air, Gabrielle hurls her Chakram and it cuts his throat.He falls to the ground in a heap, grasping his throat in pure shock. He had thought he was a better warrior than this.Too powerful to be brought down by a mere mortal, but he was wrong.Heís dead by the time his head hits the ground.


In the air Eveís battle has only just begun.Rachel touches Eveís chest, just above her heart, and when she does, Eve sees several prophetic visions.



Mother, donít fear your destiny.


*Vision #1-A woman on a road is stopped by an angel.



Donít be afraid Mary.You have

found favor with God.You will

conceive and bring forth a son, and

you will call his name JesusÖ


*Vision #2-Mary gives birth in a stables.

*Vision #3-A handsome, well-muscled young man-Jesus- works in his fathers carpentry shop.An older man, Joseph, calls to his son.



Jesus! Dinner!


*Vision #4-Jesus turns over a gambling table in a rage in a temple.

*Vision #5-Jesus performs two miracles of healing.

*Vision #6-People speak up against Jesus.

*Vision #7-Jesus is captured in the garden of Gethsemane.

*Vision #8-Jesus is beaten.

*Vision #9-Jesus pulls his cross up a hill while being scorned by onlookers.

*Vision #10-The nails are hammered in.

*Vision #11-The sky turns dark as Jesus dies.

*Vision #12-Eve appears, walking on a cloud, holding a dove in one hand

and a sword in the other.



Donít be afraid of your destiny.

Your Way is the Way of the Warrior.

Fight for the weak, and never

Be afraid of your warrior heart.


Rachel appears next, a loving smile on her angelic face.



I love you mother.



I love you too Sweetness.


The visions end, Rachel fades away, and Eve falls back down to Earth.


Close up on Eve.

Fade out.

End of Act four.



A Still, Small Voice-Tag


Fade In

Eve stands on a hill, looking down into the Mediterranean ocean.Fishing boats laden with fishermen go about their duties of catching fish, and villagers go about their duties of everyday village life.As Eve watches the people below her, she is filled to the brink with conflicting emotions.Shame, for betraying Virgil, anger at Cain for using her the way he did, sorrow at seeing her daughter for only such a short time, but underneath it all she feels a sense of peace.She has finally come to terms with who she is.





Virgil comes to stand next to her, and Gabrielle remains mounted on her horse behind them.



Iím heading off to settle

some business in Egypt. I

donít know when Iíll be back.



Iíll tell Hope.



I already have. How about you?

Are you going to be ok?



I think I will.



I love you Evie.



I love you too Gabrielle.


They watch her trot off on Argo II, and then Virgil stands behind Eve, wrapping her in a warm embrace.





I know who I am now. I know

who Iím supposed to prepare

the way for. Itís an enormous

load off my shoulders.



Iíll bet. But you still donít sound

sure of yourself.



Iím sure, itís just Iím not thrilled

at the prospect of killing again.



Iím know youíll only kill when you

have no other choice. Eve.






I believe in you.


She smiles and settles against him as they watch the sun set over the ocean.They have an amazing journey ahead of them.They just donít know it yet.


Fade out.

The end.

(Copyright Caina Q.Fuller. 2001).