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look below, in the red, for updates....

Wow! I'm sooooo sorry its been so long since an update, but there will be regular one's from now on. Enjoy your stay at the Entrance, and be sure to check out all the new stuff on the site. Lots of new wallpapers and Sisterhood chapters!

~*Update 1/20/02*~
Updated the Links page with a banner you can use to link to the Entrance. I also made a little header banner thing for the main page, isnt it cool?!
I also added a link to my good friend Patty's site, Temple of the Muse. Great fanfic and wallpapers there, including some of mine! Check it out, its great!
~*Update 1/17/02*`
Two new wallpapers on the downloads page, and a new chapter on "The Sisterhood" page! Yay!
~*Update 11/23/01*~
Two new wallpapers posted on the "Downloads" page! Check 'em out!

First, Caina has her own Messenger website now! Be sure to check it out, that's where you can find current Messenger episodes. Second of all, some Xenites are holding a boycott against the FIN dvd's...I think thats wrong. I just want you all to know that I'm against it.

Click here to go to Caina's new Messenger site!

Entrance to the Xenaverse



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